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15 Tips to Create Killer Website Content

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The simple web content will not convince anyone to read other posts or check out your products and services. Therefore, you need to focus on creating web content that is impactful and kills our audience boredom. With killer web content, you can distinguish yourself over your competitors and build your trustworthy brand. Here are the top 15 tips to create killer website content that stands out.

  1. Understand Your Audience – The more you know the people you are writing for, the better content you can write to instigate their emotions. You have to write the article from their respective and not a generic one.
  2. Powerful Headlines – Create powerful headlines that should intrigue a person to read your articles. It must have action words. Make it catchy and not click bait.
  3. Writing Style – People prefer conversation over content. Hence, your content must address your visitors directly. Words like ‘you’, ‘your’ are very powerful and visitors can relate themselves easily. Try to create a connection with the audiences through the article.
  4. Tone and Voice – Passive voice is a negative for web content. Use active voice, be funny, share personal story, provide examples, put forward facts and figures with source of the information and don’t be monotonous. Make it informal and friendly.Use Contentmart to hire a content writer who can deliver such contents.
  5. Introduction – Your introduction must be gripping. It must have practical questions with which the audience can relate. It must intrigue the audience to read the entire post to find the answer to the million dollar question.
  6. Avoid Terminologies – Do not be too professional and avoid using terminologies. Use simple sentences and simple terms for a layman to understand. Minimize the gap between you and your audience.
  7. Flow – The flow of the article should be smooth. Every paragraph should be different, yet have a connection with the previous one.
  8. Presentation – Presentation of content really matters. Even if your article is great, if it is not well presented, your effort is literally wasted. Put some time in better presentation with creative images.
  9. Concise – Write short sentences and short paragraphs. Too long and complicated sentences are confusing and difficult to make out the point of the entire paragraph or sentence.
  10. Keywords – Keywords are important, but do not get lost in keywords. Do not insert keywords forcefully.
  11. Actionable Content – You content should be such that a reader should have a clear set of plans in his mind after reading it.

Apart from these, you should keep the following in mind to create killer web content.

  1. Use examples more often for better understanding.
  2. Use images to express and present complicated subjects.
  3. Make infographics and videos and include them in your content.
  4. Show your confidence in what you are writing so that audiences feel optimistic.
  5. Create a sense of urgency and drive your audiences to take prescribed actions.

That is exactly how create killed web content that goes viral.

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