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4 Frequently Asked Questions about Mobile Notary Services

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Notary services are a very important requirement when official deals and documents are needed to be verified and signed. But sometimes, this is needed when you are traveling or in some other country or city away from your regular notary service. During this time, you can use services like travelling notary services or mobile notary services. These services offer notary services regardless of your location. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about travelling notary services:

  1. Are They Legit Notary Agents?

The first and foremost question that many ask is whether these mobile notary service agents are legitimate or not. To ensure that trust and validity of these agents is maintained, mobile notary services provide all details of the agents beforehand so that the client can easily verify them from their end before they finalize the notary services.

  1. Can Notary Agents Be There at Short Notice As Well?

Although most notary services have provisions to avail their notary agents in short notice, it is still possible that the agents are busy on such short notices. It might cost you more than what you would generally pay for a notary service, but you may easily get a notary service on short notice if you explain the nature of your urgency as almost all notary services have an emergency notary service option.

  1. How to Schedule an Appointment with a Mobile Notary Service Agent?

There are many ways in which you can schedule an appointment. This depends on the notary service you choose. Some have online booking options, while some provide texting or calling options. Some even give the option to request a message via email. There are some websites that give all of the above mentioned options. Therefore, check your notary’s website and find out how to book an appointment.

  1. What Documents Can a Travel Notary Notarize?

There is a plethora of documents that a travel notary can notarize. Basically, these are all documents that can be notarized by a normal notary. Here is a list of some documents that are most frequently processed by mobile notaries:

  1. Proof of Residency
  2. Real Estate Documents
  3. Trust & Wealth Management
  4. Estate Planning Documents
  5. Health Care Directives
  6. Condo Conversion
  7. Mylar Maps
  8. Trusts
  9. Vehicle Title Transfers
  10. Corporate Documents
  11. Contracts
  12. Adoption Documents
  13. Passport & Visa Authentications
  14. Health Care Directives
  15. Domestic Partnerships
  16. Guardianships
  17. Wills & Trusts
  18. Acknowledgements
  19. Financial Documents
  20. Parental Consent
  21. Personal Legal Documents
  22. DMV Documents
  23. Powers of Attorney

If the document you want to notarize isn’t listed in the above mentioned documents, then just ask the notary service you are hiring.

These most frequently asked questions cover almost every unique aspect of mobile notary services and you can easily get travel notary agents whenever you want and wherever you want – irrespective of whether you are looking for mobile notary Hermosa Beach or Manhattan Beach – to fulfill your notary needs.

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