4 ways of indirectly marketing your brand

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Marketing can be broken down into two different approaches to getting people to buy; directly and indirectly. You can either go in at “full force” and tell customers about products, prices and why they should buy from you immediately or use subtlety and get people interested in your brand and to subtly lead them to a purchase in the future. Deciding which one is better is impossible as they both have strengths and weaknesses. Indirect marketing is usually a lot cheaper and the customer will feel more comfortable, sometimes not even realising that they are being marketed to. That’s why we are going to discuss a few different ways you can market your brand in an understated manner that can really help your business.

Post meaningful related content

Social media is a great tool for business to get people to purchase your produce when used correctly. A lot of businesses don’t realise that social media marketing works best when used alongside indirect marketing while you carry on marketing in a blunt and direct fashion. People don’t go on social media to be sold to. They go on to catch up with the latest news with friends, family and their interests and, ultimately, use it to escape from their current situation and have a bit of fun. This is why subtlety works best as if you post a video or a blog post which is genuinely interesting or useful, they are more likely to interact and absorbthe content into their minds. This will make your brand more memorable to them and can even get them talking about you with others, building your exposure more. Draw them in with the interesting content and market to them more directly once they are following you and looking at your account.

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Distribute promotional products

The use of promotional merchandise in your marketing is one of the most subtle yet effective marketing methods available. Getting products that are printed with your logo and artwork in the hands of your clientele subtly reminds them of your brand every time they use the product, which would make them think of your brand when they need something you provide in the future. That’s why branding some very useful products that they would use a lot like americano travel mugs would be even more effective. They wouldn’t be the only people to be influenced by the branding as it is quite common for other people to see the product therefore raising the brand awareness that you will receive.

Supporting charity

Showing that your company is supporting a charity in some shape, way or form sends out a great message to your customers about your brand. Being subtly and mentioning whenever you can shows that you help those in need and builds a positive impression that prospects and customers will like to see. Building this positive image persuades them to work with you in the future as they will feel like you deserve it more. Plus sponsoring an event will usually get you advertising at the even itself so you will reach all the people who attend whilst also making a good impression on them as well.


There is a famous phrase that goes “There is no such thing as bad press” and this statement is somewhat true. This being the case there is nothing better than good press so if you do something newsworthy that will create a positive buzz be sure to boast and tell everyone about it. Anything like the aforementioned charity support, reducing the price of your products or winning an award, people will hear it and will build a positive impression of your brand. Plus being covered in the news will lead to even more people to your brand. You needn’t worry about your products not being mentioned at all as after you have built intrigue in your brand, people will investigate themselves as to what you can provide.

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