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Active Citizenship: State of Emergency Calls on Montreal SEO Expert  

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Montreal SEO Expert Herman Tumurcuoglu was at his local fire station yesterday filling bags with sand to help flood victims in Montreal. After the snow melted and rain did not stop, the waters surrounding Montreal also did not cease to rise. Households from Rigaud, Hudson, Pierrefonds and surrounding Montreal islands are submerged in water. They have been forced to leave their homes and lives behind. The state of emergency has called on local businesses, citizens, and community leaders such as Tumurcuoglu to lead by example and help. This act is a simple step towards contributing as an active citizen. But many do not know what it means to be a citizen. So what does being a citizen mean?

Being a citizen means that you earn the right to live. You earn the right, just by being a community member, to be a part of something greater than yourself. For example, you get to take part in votes that have millions of ballets that coin calculation. Citizenship does not factor in race or age. Excluding the legal definition, the meaning of being a citizen is to have a home that is also home to many others with common interests and goals. In that sense, Montrealers proved their citizenship and continue to with flood prevention efforts and relief.

In the same way, the Montreal SEO Expert is a citizen of multiple communities. In his SEO work, he is a citizen on an online community of bloggers and networks. As a pioneer of the SEO industry, Tumurcuoglu is also a citizen of an international tech world. It is possible to be a part of multiple communities and networks of citizens. Montreal SEO Expert urges Montrealers to live up to their identity and go out and help. If you cannot help, send a little donation of two, three, ten dollars. Any donation goes a long way in the aftermath of this state of emergency. For information on how to give back, contact Montreal community centers, local authorities, or even head to your social media where the issue has gone viral.

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