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Advantages of Copiers for Your Business

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A lot of business startups utilize the local copy center for making copies. While it may be an excellent way to start, it will not help in your company’s growth. Take, for example, the time it takes to make copies. Plus, the cost of the copies itself has made a trip to the copy shop significantly expensive.

In another scenario, as the number of documents needing photocopy increases, you need to decide whether you want to continue using the copy shop outside. You also have the option to buy a copier to handle all the work. Both choices have its advantages and disadvantages.

In this article, we will look at the advantages of copiers for a business.

Photocopy of Your Desired Schedule

First of all, the main advantage of having your copier is performing work in-house that agrees your business’ schedule. You can use the copier on according to your terms and demands. If your employees render overtime late at night such as, during a graveyard shift, there are no copy shops that are open. As such, they won’t be able to make copies until the store opens the next day in the morning.

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Own or Lease

If your company is in need of a copier, you can choose between owning or leasing one. One advantage is the possibility of negotiating prices with a used equipment seller or a manufacturer.

On the other hand, a copy shop has a set of rates that are not open for negotiation. Thus, having your very own copier enables you to choose the right advance copier machine that has the specific feature that your business requires. These features probably aren’t available in most copy shops.

Environmentally Friendly

Another advantage to note is the ability of an office copier to help your business go green or do better in protecting the environment. Take, for example; you can choose to use a recycled paper or purchase an environmentally friendly toner. Because of this, you can boast of your business’ environmental policies during marketing and also attract like-minded employees in the future.


When you bring confidential documents to a copy shop, you have no idea how such type of information will be handled by the employees there. In contrast, you can protect your data from falling into unauthorized hands.

You can worry less about unauthorized people having access to some classified information. Furthermore, an in-house copier can help you be compliant with HIPAA privacy laws.

Lower Cost

Most of all, copy centers lease its copiers from companies you could rent from as well. As such, a copy center marks up its services to pay for the copy machines. By buying a copier machine, you can lessen the cost and use the budget for more important projects.


All in all, having a copier machine provides a lot of advantages and benefits for a company. But you have to determine first if you need it in the office. Make sure that there will be a good investment out of the copier machine.

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