All About the Car Importing Facilities at Clearit

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Under many circumstances, when we move from one city to another city or from one state to another state or from one country to another country or from one continent to another continent, due to many reasons, we also have to import our car. Now, traveling inter-city or interstate with a car is easy, but in all cases beyond that, you need to import your car. Today we will learn about Clearit car importing to Canada, which is a car importing service provider.

The attractive features at Clearit when it comes to car importing

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The specialty of this service provider, Clearit, is at this point. The attractive features are what the highlighting portion is. Go through the following list to know about them yourselves.

  • The ITN number or the AES number.
  • Submission will be made at the Automotive Export Control, which should be done by a notice prior to 72 hours.
  • The time when you will be crossing, there will be an agent at the site.
  • The company will start preparing itself along with preparing you for the release of the customs.
  • When you are importing your car to Canada, there should be a remittance which should be paid at the Canada customs under the section of duties and taxes.
  • The need for full coordination when your car will be crossing the borders will be given to you, and the company itself will arrange all of it for you.
  • All the documentations of the accounts which are required for the complete customs, that is, for all the customs together, the company will arrange it and keep it together at a place and then hand it to the owner of the car, who can then check everything himself and check if everything is in order and then he can accept the documentations.

The charges involved with importing cars

The above mentioned features are what you get when you import anything. When importing to Canada, pay to the company somewhere around $389.99. If you want to import your car somewhere else, then you can go ahead and check on the website of Clearit. There, there is a calculator, by clicking on which and entering details, you get the approximate predicted charge.

According to the price to features comparison, this company has well justified their cost. One of those better companies, who are very good, trusted by customers and also is not really very expensive. So, next time when you think about importing your car, you know your call!

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