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Amazing Camera equipments for filming

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You may be filming as professional videographer or filmmaker or may be a passionate hobbyist. The videography is subjected towards various fields where style of filmmaking changes and thus, you need the accessories which complement your nature of videography. The world is at its technological boon and entertainment industry is highly contagious with it, so you can amaze yourself by so cool, customized and useful camera accessories and equipments. You just need to come in the contact with the huge videography and filmmaking equipments market. Look upon those best dealers and stores having versatility as well reliability with the products just like 42nd Street Photo. You should know about some cool accessories which you as filmmaker will love to have.

Choosing the various equipments and accessories

The versatile range is actually developed in order to cater to the specific purpose of wide videography categorization like travel filming, journalism, wildlife filming, documentaries, commercial filming, independent filming and lot more in the stream.

Gorilla pods:  There are various kinds of pods which are customized for use of cameras and also the smart phones. Most of them are detachable, compact in size, multi-purpose and come in specific types like for shooting sports, wildlife etc.

Shoulder rigs: It is one of the most professional camera accessories used in most mature filmmaking for stabilization of movement. It is structurized in set of cabinets where camera, viewfinder, monitor like equipments can be fixed along with placing it on cameraman shoulders for support and stabilization.

Nano camera Rigs : The most handy and useful accessories ever which are perfect for any kind of filmmaker or videographer as they are compact and short rigs which are operated by hands to get stabilized movements.

Camera drones:  These are accessories which any filmmaker wonders to use as they are helpful for travel and wildlife videographers where the camera is fixed with drone and operated to get aerial shots, bird eye movements, and other kind of shots. Extensively used by indie filmmakers these days but expensive to buy.

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