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Arcos Dorados Holdings Interesting Facts

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Arcos Dorados Holdings Inc (arco) is a company that serves as one of the best among the restaurant industries in terms of its establishments across the world. The company was established in the year 2007. It is the master franchise for the McDonald’s fast-food restaurant that has a good length of the chain across 20 countries. Globally the arco operated around 6.7% of the overall McDonald’s restaurants in December 2010. The McDonald’s having its operations across various countries in Latin American is also known for its quick delivery operations. The total number of employees as of 2013 in this company was 94,000.


The overall revenue for the NYSE: ARCO at depends on the sales of the McDonald’s that it does. Across the globe, the arco has its major operations across four geographical locations. The four locations are North Latin America division, South Latin America division, Caribbean Division, and the United States Virgin Islands. Some of the major countries under each of these divisions are Panama, Mexico, Saint Croix, Argentina, Chile, and Peru. Across these countries are located the menu offers of the McDonald’s that range for the entry-level to the big tasty items. The offerings across these items create a lot of demand. It is also the premium offers that attractive various gluttons into their restaurants for small or large items. The company also participated in the 2014 FIFA World Cup and trained over 15000 volunteers for the customer service activities.


The crispy and tasty toast of the bread filled with various ingredients from the McDonald’s is enough to take the consumer to experience heaven. The Big Mac along with the Happy Meal is the major takes that the consumer looks over for. The hamburgers and the chicken sandwiches from McDonald’s are the mouthwatering items that the foodies aspire for especially during a long break. The arco also helped in establishing various food items, from hot to cold, that was required during a break, either post-lunch or in the evening.  These restaurants that provide these food items receive their technical and operational support from the arco.


The renovation of McDonald’s restaurants by the arco during the period 2010 and 2012 have increased the count of customers. The renovation of these restaurants included the larger space for the large gatherings, the artwork, and warmer colours. The larger space was made both indoors and outdoors. For the indoors, there were large glass windows that allowed in the natural light. For the outdoors were the tables with umbrellas attached that made the customers relax in the open air and enjoy their food items. You can check more stock news from free trading app.


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