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Are B2B Companies Hiring the Right People to Take Care of Their Social Media?

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Like with anything, in order to succeed on social media a great amount of time and effort must be put in – Time and effort in which company owners often do not have. With this in  mind many B2B business owners choose to get one of their employees to have a bash at it for them, which however is also not advised, as although people may think that social media is ‘easy’, it really is anything but when looking for maximum results.

B2B companies are often challenged in social media, especially when they opt to let the wrong people take care it for them. Here are a few mistakes that people B2B company owners make when choosing someone to manage their social platforms:

  • Hiring people that are experienced in their niche but not at social media – Of course it is highly beneficial for people to employ people that know about their industry, but this is not as important as choosing someone who knows social media inside and out. B2B social media can be a hard nut to crack therefore companies must choose experts such as Agency Inc. who have a proven track record of getting B2B companies ultimate social success.
  • Hiring someone to do social media functions rather than to create movement – Social media contrary to what some people think isn’t just about posting Twitter updates and Facebook status’ a couple of times per day, it is about so much more. B2B companies need to ensure that the person they choose to do their social media for them can develop a movement on social media shaping the brands voice and expanding their reach. It isn’t just about updates, it is about identity creation.
  • Hiring people that don’t know how to engage – When it comes to social media engagement is the most important factor, and therefore whoever companies hire should be able to get people to engage. This means that they not only have to be able to create interesting and informative posts regarding the company at hand, but also able to find interesting industry news in which will be appealing to a broader audience, bring new customers in whilst exciting existing customers.
  • Hiring people that disregard brand awareness – The person that you hire/choose to do your social media should talk to you about more than just leads. Of course it is great for B2B marketing companies to generate leads through social media; however this should not be the only objective. Engagements should always be at the top of the list, and social media should be used as a tool to increase brand awareness.

As you can see, social media for B2B business can be incredibly complex; therefore it pays to ensure that you get it right. In the majority of instances it is highly beneficial for B2B companies to choose agencies to take care of their social media as opposed to an individual as companies often have more resources the their disposal.

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