Are Virtual Assistants the Greatest Tech Tool of 2017?

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The internet has singlehandedly changed the way we live, the way we do business, and the way we connect with family and friends. Education systems have changed to accommodate online life in a way where some students don’t even get books anymore, they get tablets or print their books off the web.

The latest trend that came about late last year is the virtual assistant that you can have in your home today if you wanted. I am talking about Alexa and other similar “smart” devices that can do everything from check the weather to setting a timer to reminding you about your anniversary dinner. While there are many players in this field, Alexa from Amazon seems to be winning in this space.

With all the other great things out there today, are these virtual assistants the greatest tech tool of 2017, or even this decade?

The answer might very well be, yes. And with very good reason.

With this or any other similar tool, you have access to a 24/7 personal virtual assistant. You can ask her to do almost anything without ever having to lift a finger. You can order your favorite makeup with a simple, “Alexa, repeat my last order from Sephora,” to “Alexa, remind me to grab eggs when I leave the house.” It’s amazing.

Additionally, they can help with work and school tasks as well. Your kids can ask it questions pertaining to anything from the Dinosaurs to space travel. You can ask it to play soft music while you read through mails and use it in a personal sense to set reminders about birthdays, post to social media, and make calls. I’ve even seen technology where you can upload personal photos and they will play them back to in a story sequence.

It’s honestly unreal. And it’s so cool.

If this isn’t the best tech tool of 2017, then I cannot wait to see what is!

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