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Being Organised Gives You More Control of Your Health

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When someone tells you that being more organised is going to make you a healthier person, do you believe them? Probably not. This statement sounds a little too familiar. And it reminds of you of something your mother might have used to get you to finally clean your room.

But the truth is that a cluttered lifestyle ultimately sucks you into the madness. Thus, it becomes increasingly difficult to live and function without it, even though it is decreasing your overall quality of life. And to get some perspective on the topic, consider your living conditions like the thoughts in your head. When our thoughts are scattered and disorganised, it’s nearly impossible to get anything done.

The same principle applies to clutter on the outside. If you are surrounded by unnecessary clutter all day, it won’t do your health or focus any favours. Instead, it will prevent you from feeling productive and confident. In fact, research suggests that what you are facing on the outside significantly affects what you feel and think on the inside. You might consider self storage to help you declutter your space.

Organise Your Space

For example, living and working in a disorganised space will leave your mind thinking things never get done. However, if you step into a clean, organised and fresh space every morning, you can focus properly and without distractions. Another good example is all the frustration you build up, as well as the time you waste when you can’t find something you desperately need. But if you are organised, you’ll know exactly where to look every time. Now, consider how productive you can be if you never have to waste time searching for something?

A good way to get things organised within a specific space is to think about logical things. How can you move and place everything that helps you to be more productive? Can you make life easier on yourself by finding a practical place for all your items and furniture? Remember, in addition to saving time, you are saving valuable energy. In some cases, it can even save you money.

Be Prepared

Being organised also relates to being prepared. When you are prepared, you feel more confident and in control, right? And when you can find everything you need within an instant, it makes your entire day much easier to face. Who knows? It might even bring about some necessary peace of mind.

Tips for Getting Organised

The first bit of advice is to not overwhelm yourself. If you are not used to living an organised lifestyle, it takes a little getting used to. Plus, you want this to be a healthy habit that helps you in many different ways. So, use a comfortable and slow approach. Take it one step at a time and don’t be scared to spread your tasks over a couple of days or weeks. Every step you take is in the right direction, which is all you need to reach your final goal.

Take Time to Plan

Another way to help your mind shut down is to do more planning. If you know you have a strategy in place to handle a specific project, and you know when you are going to do it, you allow your mind to relax and think about what needs to happen right now. For instance, take the last couple of minutes of your day to prepare for tomorrow. Check if all your appointments have been made and even if your outfit is ready. If you really want to, you can even plan your meals.

The point is it doesn’t take super-human discipline to be organised and more productive. Some basic lifestyle changes can go a long way and you’ll be happy you made the transition once you experience it.

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