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Crowdfunding for the First Exhibitions of Artists

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Art is being consumed a lot more in India today, than it used to be. As different forms of art such as painting, decoupage, or photography grow in popularity in India, more people are seeing it as a viable career choice. But like any offbeat careers, artists too, face a number of challenges when it comes to presenting their work to the world. An artist may spend days and months in a studio creating a vast portfolio – but how can they create opportunities for themselves? How can they afford the expenses of doing so?

For artists, funding is an incredibly important aspect to make an art project successful. Crowdfunding websites such as Impact Guru; offer the opportunity to such artists to use online fundraising to raise money for exhibitions and installations. Empowering artists through a platform for a fundraising india will ensure that more people, who are interested in arts, take it up a career, rather than simply a hobby.

This article aims at encouraging all the artists out there to come out show their work to the world, organize your first exhibition, and kickstart your career.

Role of a fundraising india for Art

Funding the cost or creating an artwork

Through an effective campaign, you can always start early to not only raise funds for your exhibition, but also for other resources and raw materials that will help you create the art you intend to display at your exhibition – be it a canvas, a frame, paints etc.

Afford rental to exhibit your work

Renting out a gallery to exhibit your work can be a very expensive feat. This sometimes deters artists from displaying their work. Your campaign can be aimed at affording rentals or a gallery or studio for one or more day, to organize and exclusive exhibition of your work.

Transportation cost

Your artwork is delicate, and needs to be transported in an efficient and careful manner. This may require hiring a large vehicle and some labourers, who may help you, carry your installations to and back from the studio, safely and in a timely manner.

Cost of decor and lighting

While lighting is usually included in the rental expense of an art studio or gallery, any additional accessories that you believe could further enhance your exhibition pieces, can easily be made part of your crowdfunding campaign.

Crowdfunding enable you to promote you exhibition

With crowdfunding, you’re constantly promoting your campaign to mobilize more donors. This in turn, will help you gain access to collectors, customers and potential buyers. It a great way to promote yourself and create an online, as well as offline marketplace for your work.

If there one thing that any artist would agree with, it’s that entering the world of art is the hardest part. At Impact Guru, we welcome all creative projects, and are happy to provide a platform that will enable creators to raise money for their endeavours. A fundraising india can bring financial stability to the art world. If you’re someone dreaming of a successful career in art, raise money for your first exhibition today!

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