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Dedicated Server: Features and Benefits

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Web hosting is generally of two types shared server and dedicated server. The mostly used server is dedicated server as is totally belongs to your data and there is no interruption by others. One of the plus points is that you have full control over the server, containing operating system, hardware and other input and output devices. If you are investing then the investment should be put on the right place as the server prices and facility are different from company to company. If you are confused for which company is good than you can go for Ashburn dedicated server.

Some features of dedicated server:

  • It will offer you with at least 2TB storage with HDD which is sufficient enough.
  • It will provide you with the multiple hard drives so the time of emergency you can store the data to another hard ware this ways your data is safe.
  • Root access which is an essential thing, as it will controlmisusing a bug, design flaw or configuration error in an operating system or software application.
  • It also provide you with the local MySQL server will full root access.
  • It will provide you with dedicated RAM and CPU resources.

Benefits of dedicated server:

  • Control and security: with the dedicated server the control is fully in your hands and it provides you with good security so that any kind of disturbance is not there while operating. This will help you to address your security and offer requirements. As the security is necessary as the information stored will be saved.
  • High Performance compute: by the high performance computing the uses of parallel processing for the advanced application programs are efficient reliable, and quick.
  • Scalable: by the help of scalable the growing system work is controlledand it can easily cope up with the increasing workload.

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