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Departments in Financial ad agency

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Many people desire to get into the advertising industry today but never put it into practice. An advertising agency is not as complicated as some people perceive bit, you are only required to understand it works. Companies differ in a might way, right from sizes to shapes. However, most of them follow, and at some point tried and tested a specific structure which now works for them amazingly.  In smaller agencies, a single person may be in charge of more than one department. In fact, a person may be the whole department. In large organizations, roles are divided and broken down for efficacy. Every financial ad agency has six primary department which makes it easy to raise effective averts. Below is a detailed outline of the central units in every advertising agency.

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Account Services

The account service sector involves account managers, directors, and executives whom central roles are liaising with the clients.  The department is like the link of various agencies which are within the organization and the clients. A few years ago, these staffs were referred to as the suits since they deal with so many conflicts between the account services unit and the creative department.  An essential thing a financial ad agency could have is a good account services team.

Account Planning

 The account planning department bringing together research and strategic thinking.  The researchers work closely with the account managers to bring out the consumers visions, strategic route and focus opinions. Besides, they help to uphold the position of the advertising agencies. Advertising necessities for distinctive and relevant which are accounted by proper planning.


Creative can be defined as the engine of every advertising agency. It is like the lifeblood of any business since the creative sector is responsible for goods.  Where an ad agency is the one and only product as the advertisements the artistic branch puts out. The creative sector has so many roles; some of which includes, Copywriters, Art Directors, Designers, Production Artists, Web Designers and the Creative Directors. in most cases, the copywriters and art directors work in conjunction

 Finance and Accounts

The main idea of every ad agency is the money. Also, the primary focus on clients is money.  The central part of any coin that comes in and goes out of the office is finance and accounts department. The central role of this unit is processing all the monetary values. This includes salaries, profits, vendor costs, travel daily business cost and anything else that would cost money. According to the agencies owners, about 70 percent of the income from ad agencies pays off the worker’s salaries. Nonetheless, the figure fractures according to the size and achievement of the company.

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Media Buying

Media buying department has a significant impact on an ad agency. The primary function of this sector is to procure the advertising space or time required for a prosperous advertising campaign.  This includes TV, radio, billboards, posters, magazines or newspapers, internet banners and takeovers and anywhere else ad advert can be placed.  The department calls for a close collaboration between the creative sector who invites the ideas and the clients regarding the type of exposure they are looking.


Ideas can never be valid until they are made real.  This is the role of the production department. During the creative progression, the production sector must be consulted to assure whether the idea can be executed. Immediately an add has to be let to the client, the creative and account comes together with the production to get the advertising campaign completed on budget.  This involves everything right from photography printers to understanding the entire campaign published. At this point, almost all the departments get involved. Also, the media department must be strictly production sector. The media is responsible for supplying all the requirement. More so the production firm ensures the client gets whatever they want regarding quality.


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