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Differences between Carriers and Freight forwarders            

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In logistics business like in other place you need to understand exactly how this business works and you need to know all the terms that define logistics business. We’re going to start with the explication of some usual terms.

We will start with explaining what a carrier is. A carrier can be either a person or a company that are in charge effectively with transporting the goods/ persons for another person or another company. The carrier has the entire responsibility for the goods/persons during the transport.

On the other part, a Freight Forwarder can also be a company that has the ability to arrange the transport from a point to another for goods or persons. In many cases the freight forwarder can also have the ability to act as both a carrier and a loader / warehousing.

The term used in this business for transferring a cargo from a freight forwarder to a carrier is named co loading. It’s a common procedure used in import and export goods. In a transaction like this there can be more than two freight forwards because then the process can become more complicated to motorised the lost, just in case.

The advantage of co loading can be represented by the price, because some of co-loaders can have competitive fright rates, depending on locations. Then the package can become more cheaper if its moved by a co loader.

As you can see, it’s important to know exactly what everybody is doing so you can understand the entire process. There are different platforms that gather those participant at this process.

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