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Different Styles of Lanyards

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Lanyards have now become one of the essential parts of every organization. You can well customize your lanyards as per your convenience. You can design lanyards for your employees, volunteers, or visitors or much more.

Previously the lanyards were only available in black color with an attachment other than nickel-plated swivel hook. But now the usage of lanyards now has changed a lot over a past few years. Customized lanyards are being the latest trend now which is more often fashionable and environmentally friendly at the same time.

Lanyards Supplies UK are very well aware of your needs are hence are available with different options of lanyards for you. So, you can now quickly choose between getting your favorite lanyards for your employees from these fresh and different options.

  • Dye Sublimated Lanyards: – Lanyards supplies UK offers you the best quality dye sublimated lanyards which include multi-color imprints on both side dye sublimation. These kinds of lanyards use heat and pressure while applying the imprint to the material. They use Paper multicolor imprints for making logo information. One of the significant advantages of these kinds of lanyards is that imprints do not sit on the surface of the material it is being used but get transferred into the material as well and hence ultimately fewer chances of being scraped and worn out. This kind of lanyards is best for all those who will have one imprint on both sides.
  • Imprinted Polyester Lanyards: – Printed polyester lanyards are another affordable and most popular kind of lanyards which is most preferably used by a large number of organizations. These lanyards are of a high-quality polyester material which makes it well for a longer run. The text, designs, and logos used in the imprinted polyester lanyards are silk screen printed on it which is exactly same being used in T-shirts and coffee mugs and hence ensure your custom designs to come up with precise details.
  • Imprinted Nylon Lanyards: – Printed nylon lanyards are one of the highest quality lanyards and are best for its long-term usage. It includes super smooth, and sheen producing material. These are quite efficient of attracting the attention of everyone in the events. The text and logos imprinted on the nylon lanyards are usually silkscreens which are being fixed using high technology. These kinds of lanyards are very much perfect to be used in trade shows, and other large meetings.
  • Woven Lanyards: – Woven lanyards are usually polyester lanyards which include multiple colors thread designed logos and text just like a patch instead of silk screening. Woven imprints on the polyester material appear to be very clean, soft, and hence best to be used as professional lanyards which you can surely use for long years to come. Woven lanyards are best to be used for non-intricate designs and texts as it comes up with embroidered processes.
  • Imprinted Tubular Lanyards: – It is another most popular kind of lanyards which is well known for their affordable price too. This kind of lanyards are usually made up of polyester twill along with tube stitch; which makes the material into a soft unique and comfortable to wear one. The text and logos imprinted on it are of silkscreen which looks fantastic on it. This is one of the perfect choices of lanyards for those who are willing to have perfect one with best price and comfort.
  • Blank Lanyards: – Sometimes all of the organizations need to have blank lanyards looking for functionality but not customized; lanyards supply the UK also offer you best blank lanyards in any PMS color to well match the event or cause according to the use.

Lanyards are one of the most important parts of any organization or event, which makes the identification of the associated employees more clear. These are one of the best things which we can use for hanging out ID card, managing your keys, cards and much more. Lanyards Supplies UK are well known for providing different types of best quality lanyards in the market. We have tried to mention you all of them in the content; hope it will help you a lot to select right lanyard for you.

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