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Essentials For Your Work From Home Set-up

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Over the past year, the entire world has been affected in one way or another by the global pandemic, whether that be friends, family, business or work life, everything has been affected in one way or another. Office life has totally transformed, with many of us having to work from home to combat the spread of the virus during lockdowns, and so we have all had to create our own work from home set-up, and with the working from home trend due to the continue, we thought we’d investigate some of the essentials for your working from home set-up.

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One of the most important things when it comes to working from home is to ensure that you are setting your working from home set up in a sensible place in your house that is going to be most productive for your work. We have found that it is all too easy to sit in front of the television whilst working, or even staying in bed whilst working which is going to result in you not being as productive as you should be as it’s easier to get distracted that way.

Another important thing when it comes to working from home is comfort as if you are not comfortable in your set-up, or even supported in the right way, then in the long run you will end up with pains in your lower back, shoulders, and neck which isn’t going to be good for your quality of life. We would recommend that you get ergonomic chair to support your posture, a desk that is at the correct height, and screens at the correct level for your eyeline.

And finally, during this period of working from home, many of our family members and household sharers have also been working from home, and will all them busy Zoom schedules, the house can become a very noisy so a pair of noise cancelling headphones which will enable you to continue all of your Zoom calls in peace and quiet and without any distractions from within your house and will keep your productivity levels high. 

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