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Fashion Rules Worth Breaking

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 We always want to look fashionable. Whenever we hear about a new fashion statement, we try to go with it right away. In fact, even if the said fashion is already quite absurd, still we don’t care and just go with the flow. However, not all fashion rules are worth following.

That is right, you should know how to screen what you hear. In fact, here are some fashion rules that are worth breaking:

  • Not to wear white on Labor Day

You can say that this rule is already outdated. Unless you are told to really follow this, you can just wear white on this day. You can even use white accessories for that matter especially if you are quite tired of wearing dark colored clothes during the winter. If you want to buy new white dresses, you can always check out online. There are a lot of online shops that sell dresses online like Bewakoof. You should check them out.

  • Shoes and bags should be matched all the time

Admit it, this is so 50s! This is not the trend these days. Though of course, you should still try to match the color of your bag to some of the things you wear. However, with money being hard to find these days, you can just use any color as long as you don’t look weird.

  • You should not wear black with either brown or navy

This is another quite outdated rule. Note that all the colors mentioned above are neutral colors. Thus you can just wear them with any colors as well as with each other. Yes, that is the beauty with neutral colors, they blend well with any of the other colors thus this rule is really absurd.

  • Don’t wear suede or leather during summer

Summer will last for three months. It goes without saying that if you follow this rule, you can hide your leather bags and purses in the closet for awhile. However, this is really a ridiculous rule. Of course, you will still look fashionable even with leather or suede during summer.

It is all about being confident. In fact, even if at times you look weird but you look confident, you will still look great overall.

You don’t need to be a copycat. You can create your own fashion statement and be confident in it. For sure you will look awesome!

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