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When it comes to choosing the best candidates for the GWC Valve company, it all comes down to the candidates interview. For the employer at the GWC Valve company, they should always ask the same questions for each candidate and they should be prepared with structured questions. Preparation for an interview isn’t only something for the candidate to do, it is also for the employer or human resource manager.

There are several common interviewing mistakes that an employer or interviewer can make which include poor planning, snap judgements, negative emphasis, halo effect, poor knowledge of the job, contrast error, influence of non verbal behaviour such as eye contact, leading the conversation where you are actually helping them answer the questions, too much or too little talking where they feel awkward or afraid to say something, and finally a similar-to-me bias where you favor the candidate because they remind you of yourself.

There are 10 best practices for the applicant or interviewee to take if they want the interview to go well and run smoothly. The 10 best practices that an applicant can take to ace an interview including first, dressing the part, depending on the job normally the way to go is always business casual, proper grooming and hygiene is important so you don’t look like a lazy person, preparation, this includes preparing by doing research on the company, their services, volume of sales, years in existence, product lines they carry etc, showing up on time which means leaving your house two hours early if you have to, anticipate the questions they will ask you based on the job you are applying for, introduce yourself properly, have your paperwork ready such as references, proper handshake and maintain eye contact during, sitting properly and listening to what’s being asked, and finally remembering the one rule which is that the interviewer gets the first and last word.

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