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Help! Emergency fridge trailers and mobile freezers

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Wouldn’t it be great if an emergency situation gave you some notice? Imagine being calm because a crisis was averted. No stress, no rushing around, just peace.

Well, as we know life doesn’t always fit in with our plans.

In fact, emergencies in catering often seem to occur when a business is at its busiest and the impact of a fridge or freezer breakdown has the greatest potential repercussions.

Obviously you can’t go through every day watching and waiting for the dreaded moment that an invaluable part of your kitchen suffers a breakdown and you can’t keep a supply of parts in storage.

So what can you do? Plan ahead.

Have the name of a reputable 24/7 emergency fridge trailers and mobile freezers supplier to hand.

A long established firm like Icecool Trailers covers the Home Counties, Hampshire, the Midlands, South Wales and London and as they are based in Berkshire they are ideally located for quick delivery of hire units.

That’s what you need to double check with any firm. Is their emergency service as quick as they claim?

Can they really deliver fridge trailers and mobile freezers within two hours or will your stock be slowly becoming inedible as you wait for them to negotiate the M25 or M4?

Fridge trailers have wheels so they can be positioned anywhere that you need them and as interior space is at a premium they can be set just outside a kitchen, in a forecourt, adjacent to a marquee, in a garden or car park.

As long as power can be delivered to the unit then there should be no issues.

A 2.4m fridge trailer could be adequate for many but a 3m fridge trailer is as easy to hire
through several outlets. Mobile freezers are frequently 1.8m and 3m.

As soon as the unit is set up by the professionals it will be usable and your work day can return to normal with minimum loss of stock or time.

Health and safety regulations can be adhered to in the midst of a crisis.

What’s the alternative?

Don’t prepare yourself for an unwanted emergency, spend valuable time researching your options as your stock defrosts or warms.

Run around like the proverbial headless chicken trying to stuff two units worth of stock in to one.

Or you could call an engineer, that sounds logical, doesn’t it?

  • Do you have a contract in place?
  • Who should you call?
  • How long will they take to arrive?
  • How much are they going to charge?
  • What are you intending to do if the unit isn’t repairable within minutes?
  • How long will parts take to be delivered?
  • How are you planning to store food in the interim period?

It’s time to call an expert for fridge trailers and mobile freezers provision.

The first call should be to an emergency hire firm, the second to an engineer. Save yourself from lost stock, stress and panic. Have a plan of action instead.

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