How do you increase your Instagram followers?

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Instagram makes it easy to overlook the most obvious growth levers in your connections. Remember that genuine engagement from real people signals relevance to the platform’s algorithms governing visibility and suggestions. Start by letting your close connections like friends and family know you’re on Instagram. Ask them to engage with your posts through likes and comments while also sharing with their networks. This provides a signal boost for gaining outside visibility of existing social circles.

Optimize your profile

Most users decide whether to follow a brand within just 2-3 seconds of landing on a profile. That means your bio, avatar, and highlights must immediately communicate your value. Craft a simple, memorable handle and consistent profile aesthetic. Write a clear bio explaining exactly what you offer. Show off visually appealing content samples in highlight reels. And use link stickers to drive traffic to your other sites or sales channels.

An effective way to get on Instagram’s radar is by engaging with top content in your niche. Search relevant hashtags and locations to find influencers and brands aligning with your offerings. Like, comment on, and share their top posts while also following some accounts whose content you admire. This activity signals interest and intent around specific topics, helping Instagram suggest you to aligned audiences. It also builds social capital with creators more likely to follow back or collaborate.

Post consistently

While post quality trumps quantity, brands still need a consistent presence to leverage Instagram’s algorithm. Use analytics to identify which types of content, filters, and even posting times resonate best with your audience. Next, create a content calendar for regular posting so fans know what to expect. Going silent for weeks indicates disengagement, confusing the algorithm and fans alike. Maintain solid posting cadences for optimal visibility.

Contests, giveaways, and promotions entice audiences to take desired actions like following, tagging friends, or sharing posts. Consider rewards like your products/services, gift cards, or exclusive content for top engagers. Communicate rules around entry timing, eligibility, and selection process upfront. Use contest apps to collect entries and pick winners. Announce winners and send prizes quickly to build community trust and excitement. To get the complete picture, go to

Buy targeted followers

While buying followers raises ethical questions around authenticity, services like Famoid offer brands an ethical solution. Beyond vanity metrics, purchased followers signal key interests and intent to Instagram’s algorithm, unlocking visibility pathways. Hyper-targeted followers position your brand for relevance earlier to unlock content suggestions. Eventually, bought followers become real community members. If your brand struggles with organic growth, Famoid’s high-retention followers offer a transparent shortcut.

Collaborate with nano/micro-influencers

Leveraging influencer collaborations allows brands to tap into existing engaged audiences on Instagram. But mega-influencers with millions of fans charge enormous sponsorship fees. Consider working with nano and micro-influencers in the 1K to 100K follower range. Their engagement rates often outperform larger accounts at a fraction of the cost. Use hashtags and influencer marketing platforms to discover quality partners. Send free product samples in exchange for sponsored content. Standing out amidst Instagram’s saturated landscape feels impossible without calculated growth hacking. However, methodically leveraging these organic and paid tactics over time accumulated followers faster for increased visibility, positioning you as an industry leader.

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