How does Bitcoin Work?

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You’ve probably already heard about Bitcoin, the Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin  currency experiencing lately literally boom worldwide. Bitcoin, a completely new currency offers plenty of opportunities to profit. Most often hear about Bitcoin mining, when you use custom hardware to find new bitcoin, which can then be sold. Other natural opportunity for profit is speculation. This is very different from speculation on the stock market, but given the volatility of the exchange rate Bitcoin carries a slightly higher risk. If you have a stray e-shop and want to be in, it pays to accept payments in Bitcoin. The question remains whether, and how much you increase your sales. It’s still not right, is it?

How does it work?

It works like any other currency exchange in the world – exchange has set the selling and buying rate, both shifted by X percent since the middle of the course and leading to financial brokerage. Earnings then are these X percent of each shift. Order shift is done by filling in a minimalist form on the site, which for end customers very friendly, does not have to register anywhere and click on the link in the e-mail. Customer first sends money / Bitcoin instructions and, after payment currency exchange sends him transferred amount in cash / Bitcoin. Customer communication is done via e-mail. Backend hidden behind it is a machine that perfectly handles 100% of all activities associated with the exchange and seven days a week. All these activities are handled completely automatically without any operator interaction:

  • Sending e-mails to the customer (payment instructions, expiration shifts, follow up)
  • Check transactions in a bank account
  • Send a customer payment via Internet Banking
  • Sending BTC clients from local wallet or merchant account
  • Sales of surplus stock at BTC
  • Buying a lack of BTC on the stock exchange
  • Daily statistics sent to the operator via e-mail

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