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How much entry fee should you settle for in a rummy card game online?

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Playing any rummy cards game without even having to invest any money feels like the cherry on top, isn’t it? Even though there are various online portals that allow their players to play rummy for free, there are other games as well where the players need to participate by paying an entry fee. These cash Rummy games are available in various different formats like Deals Rummy, Pool Rummy, Points Rummy, and more. Players can join any table of their choice and come back home winning a huge amount of cash prize. All they have to do is to get themselves registered in any online portal by paying a minimal entry fee.

Entry fee to play Rummy cards game online

When the players are choosing to play a cash rummy cards game, it is mandatory for them to get themselves registered on a particular online Rummy portal. In some cases, the portal offers free registration to their players and in other cases, the portal might charge their players a minimal amount for registration. However, in most cases, whether the portal charges registration fee or not, they provide their players with a hefty Welcome Package that can range up to ten thousand rupees. Sometimes, they also offer a hundred percent Welcome Bonus that can range up to two thousand rupees.

Once the player gets themselves registered, they have two options. They can either play for free or pay a minimal entry fee to join a table in cash rummy games. The cash Rummy game variants are Deals Rummy, Pool Rummy, Points Rummy, and others. In most online Rummy websites, they charge a minimum of hundred rupees as an entry fee for Rummy card games online. Sometimes, the entry fee also depends on the number of chips the player is buying to play the game. In that case, the entry fee normally ranges from fifty to one thousand chips per game. The players can use PayUmoney, Paytm, Wire transfer, Net Banking, Debit Card, as well as their Credit Card to pay the entry fee.

Moreover, the entry fee can change depending on the Rummy variant that you are playing and also the number of players in a particular table. For instance, 101 Pool is a typical 13 card Indian Rummy game. It is played between two and six players. Online portals offer multiple tables that feature an entry fee from five rupees to ten thousand rupees. However, the entry fee for Rummy tournaments will differ compared to regular games. A player might have to pay an entry fee of thousand rupees to participate in a rummy tournament that offers a total cash prize of 3.67 lakhs.


Hence, it can be easily concluded that the entry fee for rummy cards game differs depending on the game variant that the player is playing, but the amount of cash prize is always more in Indian rummy tournaments compared to single games. However, the player should always make sure that they register themselves in authentic websites before they start playing their favorite game.

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