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How to Hire the Best Admin Staff in London

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In cities, in particularly London, finding the best admin staff can be tough, with so many people not competing for admin jobs! For this reason we are here today we are here to share some great office admin recruitment London tips, so that businesses in the capital can ensure that they are able to obtain the best talent to take the businesses forward. Here goes…

Top Tips

Determine your expectations – Before even starting to create a job advert people looking to attract the best admin staff should write down list of duties that they are going to expect from an administrative assistant. This will enable you to determine how many new team members you need to take on, and on what basis i.e. part time or full time.

Create a job advert – Write an amazing job advert that is going to attract the best office admin candidates – Good adverts attract the most suitable candidates whilst deterring those that are not suitable or qualified. You should ensure that your job adverts is easy-to-understand, giving possible applicants an insight into what the role is.

Share the advert – You should share the advert in as many ways a possible to ensure you get as many applicants as possible. Consider using online job boards and social media as well as possible bringing in a recruitment agency such as The Maine Group to help you.

Dig for details – When you start to interview applicants you should be sure to do some digging, taking notice of everything that they do including the way that they communicate. You should check their CVs carefully and be sure to ask as many questions as possible. You should look for candidates that are willing to go above and beyond at all times, and can show how they have previously done this in old jobs.

Make reference calls – Many people make the mistake of hiring people purely on their CV’s, however companies should always be sure to make those reference calls, as people often tell smalls lies when writing their CV’s to make them appear more suitable for positions that they truly are.

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