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How to Land the Best Recruitment Jobs – Getting the Most out of Rec2Rec Agencies

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If you are currently browsing recruitment jobs in London and looking to land the best one possible, it is important that you use a recruitment-to-recruitment company such as GSR2R to help you. Rec to rec companies are simply recruitment companies for recruiters, there to assist recruiters within all fields, enabling them to ensure they can obtain the most suitable and beneficial job positions.

If you have recently employed the help of a rec2rec agency but want to ensure that you are able to get the most/best out of them, follow these tips:

Meet your consultant – Once you have chosen a rec2rec agency to assist you, you should arrange to meet your consultant in person, presenting yourself in a professional manner and bringing all of the documents that you may need. First impressions do count, and you want your consultant to see you at your best so that they can put your forward for the best jobs.

Build a relationship with your consultant – Take time to build a relationship with your consultant, asking them for advice and assistance at all times, after all these people rally do know what they are doing and everything there is to know about recruitment!

Be proactive – Be proactive and a great communicator at all times, not only asking questions before interviews but also asking for feedback so that you can see where you are going wrong and right, and in turn be able to work on areas where you are not quite up to scratch.

Never stop learning – If you are currently out of work, and are going to be until you land a new job, why not consider a short learning course either from a classroom or online? You can never learn enough, and there are so many different courses available for people to take to enhance their skills, abilities and knowledge.

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