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How to Make Your Website’s User Interface Faster?

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If you want your website to make an impact on the online world, then you need to make it fast. Your website should load at blistering speeds and it should deliver the content to the user without any lag. The user would not want to wait for website to load and encounter lags every now and then. If this happens then they might leave your site and might never return. In the following post we would talking about some things that you should try out in order to make your interface faster.

  • Test Your Website – To optimize the speed of your website, you need to first test it and identify the areas where you can improve. You can use Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool. This simple tool would give recommendation on the things that you should fix or consider fixing as well as the things which are perfect. They would give recommendations on a number of subjects like Image optimization, compression, server response, minification of HTML, CSS and JavaScript and many more.
  • Use Compression Tools – You need to make your files smaller so that they use up fewer resources and load faster. One of the most effective ways of achieving that is through the help of the compression tools. The following compression tools might come in handy.

>   CSS Compressor, as it reduces the overall code size

>   Kraken, for compressing images. If you are WordPress user, then you can use WPSmush plugin.

>   SpriteMe converts background images into CSS sprite thereby reducing the number of HTML requests.

  • Use Social Share Buttons That You Need – A lot of websites include a number of social share buttons. However, the website owners are not even active on most of these social share sites. So, in reality, the buttons do nothing more than eat up resources and increase the loading time. Therefore, you must use buttons for only two or three platforms where you are the most active.

So, these were some of the steps that you should follow to make your user interface much faster. You can be a bit smarter and take the help of the leading name in the field of Website Design India as they are experts in streamlining the design of the website and make it deliver the performance that you want – be it higher speed or higher conversion rate or both!

The team of expert web designers and developers working at the most well-known companies in the field of Web Design India are well versed in the latest web design techniques and they also have access to the most advanced web design technologies that would help you to design an amazing website that leaves an impact. So, try out these simple steps and take the help of the experts to design a website that is super-fast and amazingly attractive!

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