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Is Boxing Day Profitable with ValueMags 

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Boxing Day can get overly chaotic explained ValueMags. The marketing agency for magazine companies has just shipped out their biggest order of magazines. Some of the many magazines they market and distribute have Boxing Day offers and coupons in them which are tempting for most shoppers. If you are given the opportunity to save money, you and most individuals likely will. So Boxing Day is a very profitable time for ValueMags as well as most individuals because it is an opportunity for them to save over 50% off of regular prices items, high end and luxury to regular everyday purchases.

But is Boxing Day profitable for other businesses? ValueMags is one of the few businesses that can profit from Boxing Day because they are effectively marketing the magazines and their publishers: doing their jobs. The main issue for most small businesses is that they do not have enough business to compensate for all the labour and overhead involved in making their product or service. Medium and large or even international sized businesses make a lot of profit from Boxing Day because the majority of their items are outsourced and produced at a very small cost. Technically, most international businesses such as Apple, Samsung, Calvin Klein, and other trade mark brands, can offer their products and services at half price all the time. They are marked up for the brand name.

Small businesses like ValueMags however have not built a national or international name. They cannot afford to mark-up their prices yet because the public does not perceive them as worthy yet. Once they have differentiated themselves or the public has chosen them, they will be able to play around with their pricing, revenue, numbers, and money. Until then, Boxing Day is profitable for a very specific business model in small businesses. ValueMags is one of a few that was well structured for all times of the year.

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