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Key Branding Elements to Consider

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1) Finding A Purpose

Human beings have many needs and the desire to have a fulfilling purpose is one of the deepest of those needs. A noble purpose gives our lives meaning and lets us infuse everything we do with a justifiable sense of passion. Most of us will end up devoting eighty percent of our waking hours (or even more) towards our careers. That’s a lot of time to burn if your work isn’t properly aligned with the purpose that’s truly right for you.

A graphic designer in Hampshire states, “Your brand can and should be built around a similar core drive that gives it purpose”. Brands with purpose develop greater influence and more resonant meaning. With our help, your team can unlock the true purpose driving your brand and explore the most effective way to articulate and communicate your purpose. Having a clearly-defined purpose for your brand gives you fundamental principles you can use to guide you through a host of important decisions.

2) Defining A Bolder Vision

A Vision Statement tells the world (and, more importantly, your organisation) how and why you want to influence the people you touch. A good Vision Statement goes far beyond imagining how you want your organisation to grow. The best way to think about your vision is to look at a larger context embracing both your own team and the people you serve – a community. Whether you need help articulating a vision that’s already clear to you or guidance for creating one, we can help.

3) Creating a Brand Motto

Mottos are what we prefer to mission statements. A good motto is, by its very nature, inspirational. It should provide guidance and motivation to the members of your team and remind them of your shared goals. There are plenty of great mottos out there to use as examples. The state of New York has “Ever upward,” Facebook uses “Move fast and break things” and Harley Davidson’s motto is “Live to Ride, Ride to Live.” A proper motto should occupy a central place in your brand strategy, guiding every decision you make and message you send. If you don’t have a motto that encapsulates the ideas that get you up in the morning eager to get to work and make the world a better place, we’ll help guide you to one.

4) Recording Your Core Values

The values of your brand ultimately serve as the rules that influence your company’s choices, actions, and behaviour. Your set of core values is the code that keeps your organisation true to its nature and its goals. These values should make your company’s priorities clear and make it easy to assess its actions. We’ll make it easy to define your organisation’s guiding principles and codify them in a way that will streamline future decisions.

5) Finding a Brand Archetype

What is your organisation’s narrative role? How does it relate to customers? Are you playing the hero, the rebel or the lover? We can use the fundamental psychological principles of Carl Jung and Carol Pearson to find an accurate and insightful role that fits your organisation and its brand. Embracing the humanity of your brand makes it easier to connect with an audience in a meaningful way and breathe life into your brand’s identity.

6) Discovering Distinction

In almost every industry, you face competition from which you need to set yourself apart. This is a key part of the branding process: defining what makes you different and distinctive. We’re eager to find out what makes your organisation unique and then integrate it into your public branding.

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