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Mobile fridge hire – Q & A

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This Q & A should be useful in your information gathering and decision making process.

Should I have a fridge van or mobile chiller hire?
Refrigeration vans are generally less cost effective because fuel and vehicle maintenance costs must be loaded in to fees by the hire firm.
Replacement of fuel used is often mandatory. In terms of time, the vans are frequently self-drive which places the onus on the client for collection and delivery.
Mobile chiller hire includes delivery, set up and collection at the end of the hire period so many customers find that this is more convenient.

Can cold room hire be for domestic uses?
You can take walk in chiller hire and cold room hire for domestic and commercial reasons. The installation of one of these does not need planning permission.
A chiller on wheels can be placed inside or outside and cold room hire is for clients who won’t need to move the facilities after indoors installation and throughout the hire period.

Will cold room hire facilities fit through the door?
Cold room hire is perfect for domestic users and small businesses because the unit is built on site.
Cold room hire firms like Newbury based Icecool Trailers know that doorways to homes, schools and offices won’t necessarily bear the width of a pre-built room so they efficiently build it, piece by piece.
They’ll dismantle and remove the cold room hire unit the same way. If you want to place it in a garage or outbuilding that’s fine, a power source or generator to run it is required.

Which walk in chiller firms are the best?
This is a point that needs to be researched. Online reviews, word of mouth recommendations or condemnations and any local press about firms offer clues about their operational and efficiency standards.

Which is better – cheap and average or more expensive facilities?
As with many things in life you get what you pay for so cheap isn’t always the most effective route to take.
Make cost comparisons so that you can discern quickly what price range you should be charged at. Anyone who is exceedingly below this bracket may have a problem which is why they are so inexpensive, they’re desperate.
A firm that charges substantially higher fees should be questioned about why they feel they can charge above the average.
However, prices are hugely competitive so that’s great for clients.

How long do I need mobile fridge hire for?
A common mistake or ploy to save money is to take the walk in chiller hire or cold room hire for the day of the event only.
You have to prepare, serve, clean up and have the unit ready for collection within a short pressurised time.
Take the hire period for preparation and clearing up time, the prices won’t rise too much but your heart rate will be lower!

Professional mobile fridge hire firms will be happy to answer your questions so call them now.

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