Online Advertising Blunders You Can’t Afford To Make

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A decade ago, digital marketing was an afterthought, or an idea to complement already existing marketing campaigns. With evolving times, digital marketing has cemented its position as a cornerstone of most advertisement campaign, often taking up a significant portion of the budget. However, this was taken too far and the scale tilted, to the disadvantage of digital marketing. It is being overlooked, and when employed, its results are weak and undesired. Despite this, a shift of paradigm can recreate an astonishing online advertisement campaign.

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  • Diversify your thinking

 ‘What ideas do we have to attract more likes and shares?’ ‘How is our social media presence?’ These are questions that are often posed in meetings. Responses to these will often be limited to the cyberspace. This is myopic thinking.

Look around, the most impactful and successful online campaigns came from what is consider as traditional media – Correct execution have led to tremendous digital footprints. Evolution of online advertising campaigns has legitimized it as an avenue of content distribution.

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Bu just how willing are you to spend money to create a towering presence digitally?

The trick is to create something that will captivate and appeal to everyone, with time the whole world gets to watch and Voila! A torrent of traffic is generated to your social networks. Just one great stunt can translate to impressions worth millions of dollars, and it doesn’t have to take up a chunk of your budget. Smart, isn’t it?

  • Don’t over rely on social media

It is said, ‘People don’t read ads. Instead, they read what is of interest to them.’ This sounds old school, but it holds water to date. More than ever, words are a powerful tool on social media platforms. People are swamped with all kind of messages on social media. There is no guarantee that putting up content on Facebook, Twitter and instagram will get you noticed. You are a drop in an ocean of white noise. Your message only adds to that. So how do you stand out? How will you make a statement? What will make someone to engage you on social media? Relying on these platforms to do the job for you is a mistake you cannot afford to make.

Purpose to stand out.  

  • Avoid working in silos

Marketing and advertising agencies are compartmentalized. In business, this is inevitable. However, interaction of these departments can have a positive or negative impact on your online advertising campaign.

When planning to launch a digital campaign, approach other departments. Seek to find what plans the media department has. Is it an outdoor or a print campaign they’re planning? By incorporating your digital campaign, the result is way greater than each department working on its own. Add a PR stunt to the mix. That’s a more impactful social sharing plan, don’t you think?

Reach out early and collaborate, and you may achieve more, while spending less.

  • Don’t join the bandwagon of new apps without a reasonable cause

‘We should exploit this new trendy app!’ It may be a costly mistake trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. Clamoring to use the latest apps like Periscope, Meerkat and Graphiti may translate to success. Others may stumble and trip because they may not have figured out how the app can be relevant to their advertising agency and consumer base. Take time to learn it, before integrating it into your company’s digital marketing.

  • Don’t be skimpy on resources, and extravagant on technology.

You have realized that it is impossible to overlook going digital. It isn’t a necessary evil and has a small allocation in the budget. All your projects may be getting the resources but that doesn’t mean that all funding should go to media sending ad technology. Unpaid interns cannot be relied on to do multiple Facebook and Twitter posts, 18 hours a day till they burn out. Invest in talent and people and strategies and time. Success of your online marketing agency will skyrocket and you will have more resources in future.

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