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Picking where to live in university

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Moving away from home to attend university or college is very exciting and it marks a very big transitional phase in one’s life. For most people, this is the first time that they will live alone, which makes it an exciting, yet stressful moment.

Generally speaking, students will spend their first year in residence, making things a little easier for them. After first year is over, the large majority of students will need to begin looking at houses for rent. This is very exciting because living in residence is not exactly “living alone”; you have dons on each floor, residence managers, cleaners, and cooks (depending on the residence). It is important that you avoid rushing any decisions at this stage because it will come back to haunt you in the long run. Be sure to take your time and consider a number of factors before looking at houses for rent or apartments for rent.

The most important thing to decide before you even consider looking at houses for rent is who you plan on living with. Almost everyone wants to live with a big group of close friends, and while that may work for some, it will be disastrous for others. Your best friend may be your worst roommate. You have to pick roommates who lead a similar lifestyle as yours. Find students who have a similar balance between social life, and academics. If you’re a very studious individual, you do not want to live with a group of friends who want to have a party house; and if you want a party house, you do not want to live with very studious people. Keep this in mind because not all friends make good roommates, and you do not want to create conflicts if you can avoid them.

So now you have decided who you want to live with, it is time to decide what kind of home you want to rent. Depending on the number of people, you may be looking at condos for rent or houses for rent. Once you know what kind of rental property you are looking for, and how many bedrooms you need, you can begin narrowing down a location. You can begin your search on because many landlords will list on mls to generate more traffic.

Picking a location can be very difficult, especially with a large group of housemates. There are a few factors to consider when deciding on a location. Proximity to campus and/or a bus route is a very important factor; living far from campus will be a hassle as it will take longer to get to class, giving you an excuse to not attend classes on those lazy days. Living close to campus will allow you to go home in between classes, which will prevent you from eating fast food all the time. Being close to a major bus line is important, especially if you do not live close to campus. Another factor, is the proximity to the downtown core. It should come as no surprise that most university students like to frequent the bars on weekends. If you are one of those students, you do not want to have to take a cab every weekend. This is generally a tradeoff because campus is rarely close to the downtown core. A compromise will have to be made as to whether you would prefer to be closer to campus, or to downtown. Finally, the proximity to amenities is something you should put a lot of thought into. Generally speaking, students do not have vehicles, meaning that grocery shopping will require a bus ride and/or a long walk. Living close to a grocery store is important as it will make your life a lot easier.

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