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Reaching Your Target Market Through Los Angeles Video Production

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Not every video will work for every demographic. It’s a logical conclusion. What a 15-year-old will find funny or entertaining might come out flat or senseless to someone in their 40’s. This is why comprehensive knowledge of trends in general can give you a serious advantage in designing your video marketing strategy. Using a Los Angeles video productioncompany to produce your marketing video is all well and good, but how do you decide what style or format to go with?

You look at the generation you’re trying to sell to.


To give you a brief guide, Generation X are those born around 1966 to 1976. As of 2017, they’d be around 41 to 50 years old. They’re also referred to as the “lost” generation, as they’re the first batch of kids introduced to things like daycare and divorce. Generation Y are the Millennials. Born 1977 to 1994, they’re currently between 21 and 40 years old. They’re defined by their flexibility and ethical/racial diversity.

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Generation Zare those born in 1995 to 2012. Now around 5 to 20 years of age, these are obviously the youngest of the three generations. Not much can be determined about them yet—only that they’re growing up in a highly diverse world that is almost entirely dependent on technology. The potential impact this will have on their development is yet to be determined, but it’s sure to be huge.


This beautiful infographic shows how different age groups prefer different video content. The older respondents in Generation X and Y watch more how-to videos than the generally younger audience in Generation Z. Generation Y and Z, on the other hand, share a love for unboxing and haul videos—or fashion/item videos overall. Interestingly enough, 46% of Generation X were the only ones who ranked music videos in their top three.

Product review videos came out on top as the common denominator amongst all three generations. 64% of Generation X, 74% of Generation Y, and 77% of Generation Z all agreed product review videos were among their top three most watched on YouTube.


It makes sense that product review videos would rank with all generations. After all, everyone loves a little retail therapy, and everyone loves knowing they’re getting the best their money can buy. The bulk of Generations Y and Z even ranked product reviews as their first most watched. Checking the age demographic, 5-year-old kids to 40-year-old professionals depend on videos to give them an accurate, unbiased review to help their purchasing decision.

This also tells us that people older than 41 probably don’t care too much for fashion item videos. Meanwhile, those same types of videos are the perfect way to grab the attention of anyone younger than 30.

The takeaway: know what your target demographic loves watching and adjust your video marketing strategy accordingly.


If you’re targeting individuals 40 years old and above, your best bet would be to hire a Los Angeles video production company for product review videos and how-to videos. When marketing your brand, focus on the benefits of your product and/or service. According to the infographic, Generation X watched the most educational videos.

According to, Gen X-ers are characterized “by high levels of scepticism.” They have pointed “what’s in it for me?” attitudes, which is what you should aim to answer when producing your video.


If your target demographic is 20- to 30- year olds, you might be in for a challenge. Having grown up exposed to all forms of media in both traditional and digital marketing, children born in the 1990’s are flexible, diverse, and adaptable.They respond well to change. The biggest drawback to that is that brand loyalty is quite low amongst this crowd. If they see a better deal or a better opportunity, it’s no big loss to them if they switch companies.

Target these 20- to 30-year-old young professionals by including a mix of product review videos and fashion item videos. Ecommerce video productionis also something you should definitely look in to cater to them. It’s worth noting that Gen Y also watched the most workout videos.


For individuals younger than 20, your ticket in is purely through haul videos and unboxing videos. Seeing as Gen Z watched the most vlogs and style collection videos, this generation is all about entertainment. They watch YouTube videos for the sake of having a good laugh or a good time.

Try hiring a Los Angeles video production company to help you produce a product video mimicking the haul or unboxing format. Alternatively, many minor companies also sponsor well-known YouTube celebrities to quickly plug their products in their own style. A good example of this would be comedian GloZell Green featuring NatureBoxon her challenge video.

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