Repairing Theranos’ Online Reputation  

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Online reputation repairing is a complex task when the caliber of a scandal is international. The way around online reputation repairing is by being honest and not letting one’s online reputation reach a point where is needs repairing. Individuals, professionals, and businesses can learn from Theranos’ 2016 scandal. The biotech firm, Theranos’, exaggerated their capabilities and what they can to in terms of testing. They over sold themselves but their lack of transparency has landed them a poor household reputation, media reputation, and online reputation. The company said that they are able to detect and test for multiple health disorders where they could  not. They said that this was possible using “Edison” machines. However, these types of machines can only detect about 15 types of health disorders.

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How did Theranos let their reputation go down the drain? The company felt the need to over exaggerate their services to seem superior. Many businesses lack business ethics and transparency. In the same way, Fargo Wells create fake accounts to make their business appear to be bigger in their numbers. The need to be superior to other business is overwhelming accountability and credibility of businesses and their executives. It is important that employees and people that move up the hierarchy in corporation understand that business ethics and transparency is their priority. It is the only way to make sure you do not get to the point of having to repair your online reputation.

Online reputation repairing will now cost Fargo Wells and Theranos thousand of dollars and maybe millions to repair. At their click rate, it might not even be possible to do. Their only options may be a PR press release to put a bandaid over the damage or to live with their mistakes. For information on how you can protect your online reputation, contact Online Reputation Repair using the link provided above.

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