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RoyalPip: High Powered Forex Trading

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When it comes to Forex trading, Royal Pip is a quality organization. They offer many features that make them competitive with any forex broker. Segregated funds, the Meta Trader 4 platform, mobile trading and high leverage are just a few of the things that make them attractive to traders focusing on currency markets.

Their company finances are a great plus to all account holders. Clients can be assured that their funds won’t be intermingled with day to day company expenses. Royal Pip complies with laws ensuring that clients funds are kept segregated from the company balance sheet. This makes them off limits should any financial difficulty arise.

Another nice feature of RoyalPip is Meta Trader 4, the most popular forex platform with retail traders. A primary consideration here is the speed and execution which MT4 provides during fast moving markets. A real plus for retail traders. It’s also easy to tweak for one’s own preferences. With hundreds of trading styles and strategies available, MT4 is able to accommodate virtually everyone. As well, MT4 can be used across devices from the desktop computer to the smartphone and everything in between. One could always have access to one’s trading account. It is highly secure offering peace of mind to people trading considerable amounts. MT4 can also be custom designed for non standard indicators and studies. A great feature in light of an endless variety of styles and techniques.

RoyalPip offers 52 currency pairs to trade. They also offer high leverage of 400:1 giving traders a real opportunity to compound gains. Of course, leverage cuts both ways and it is necessary to use it wisely. It is however, essential to making a decent profit in currencies as the movements are typically very small in forex. The tiny incremental moves are known as pips. Or, percentage in price. This wide ranging leverage offered by Royal Pip allows traders to choose the appropriate level of risk. It’s also what makes forex trading potentially one of the most lucrative markets available.

For new traders facing some trepidation, Royal Pip offers free demo accounts. A perfect way to enter the markets without risking a dime. It also allows the trader to get comfortable using the platform. Getting to know the ins and outs of the platform can be crucial when actually trading live. Demo accounts also help the trader see and understand the speed of markets during peak activity. There are a couple of negatives however. Demo accounts are typically funded with way more than the average trader could probably muster. So, it’s a little unrealistic in that sense. Also, it’s not the same feeling, or adrenaline if you will, when real money is on the line. So demos have their limitations but can still be helpful if used correctly. When used with some type of risk management and realistic trade sizes they can be quite advantageous.

Some more useful features can be seen at They use encryption to protect customer accounts. Royal Pip  also deals with the largest financial institutions such as Deutsche Bank and Morgan Stanley among others. A great way they help traders is their Trader’s Academy, which offers webinars and video lessons among other things. Lastly,for experienced traders who engage in more than one market, there are also commodities, stocks and indices available.

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