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Talent Pool – Bring Diversity To The Workplace By Following These Simple Tips

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Recruitment is an imperative task, as the crux of every organisation’s foundation is finding the right people who can carry the legacy forward. But even in these times, with talk of egalitarianism and equivalent opportunity for all, modern companies and headhunters struggle to build a diverse workforce and meet their target demographics. And yet, building the right talent pool with highly competent, suitable and experienced candidates is no mean feat. A socially and rationally diverse set of employees will bring a new perspective and outlook, taking the company forward to new heights.

Create flexible work spaces

One sure way to attract diverse Talent is to create flexible working environments. By creating a flexible working option, your Talent Pools of talent will be far more diverse. This could be allowing people to work from home, to have flexible working hours, to work specific day of the week that suit them, or perhaps leave work early to pick up their kids from school. Not expecting employees to live by the traditional 9-5 work day will most definitely ensure that you can create a diverse Talent Pool, and from this Talent Pool, you’ll create a much more diverse organisation.

Technology and the Recruitment Game

An outreach program with targeted social media campaigning and unceasing contact with all job boards, employment agencies and universities is a must for streamlining recruitment. The possibility of finding the exact person with the right skills that you need in such a vast talent pool may make it seem like an illogical and worthless venture, but the right technology can go a long way in creating a buzz for the company. Look towards fostering underrepresented people with hard-to- find skills and expertise.

Engaging these people is an important effort, to mirror the customer base diversity as well- a recruiter would do well to keep this in mind. The main aim should be to use effective communication; proper keywords and branding technology to make sure all efforts to include diversity are not perceived as hollow and false. Highlighting the company’s diversity wherever advertisement is being done is a must, but in a way that makes it genuine.

Using anonymous, e-recruitment methods and “blind interviews” can remove the pitfall of unconscious bias and let the candidate prove how able he/she is. Doing away with details like gender, address and private details from resumes will help the employer make a well-informed choice without any bias. Data analysis is also important, as the HR management team can gain a visual understanding of the implications of hiring a specific candidate.

This HR software should be engineered in such a way that all employees, thus, are able to start their work on a sound, non-discriminatory base. Emphasis on talent and merit is required, rather than on personal background or gender. Utilising video interviewing is also time and cost-effective so that a company can be assured they are only talking to the very best. This also helps increase the global diversity of employees. An e-recruiter using the right technology is a necessity in the modern times, to reach out to the tech-savvy youth and include valuable people on the company’s roster.

Continuous & Dedicated Efforts

Bringing Diversity and Inclusion to the forefront is not the sole effort of the HR team. Any organisation needs to have a progress strategy, with a focus not only on talent acquisition but also diversity growth.

It is crucial to train employees to embrace diversity wholeheartedly with inclusivity exercises, team dynamism efforts, ethnic, and cultural training. All incoming and existing employees need to be instructed through discussions and workshops about their hidden preconceptions and narrow- mindedness- abolishing them is a must. Recruitment consultants should work to create a diverse workforce that will help the company achieve unparalleled success, with their out-of- the-box thinking and a broad spectrum of capability and talent.

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