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Ten Best Landscaping Design Uses for Artificial Grass

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Do you have trouble keeping a yard green? How about designing a maintenance free grass patio? Are there shaded areas in the yard looking bare? If you are looking for a solution, you may want to consider artificial grass as a problem solver. Here is ten of the best artificial grass design ideas: 

1. Using artificial grass around the pool is a good way to create a green area that does not have to be mowed. No more moving pool furniture around, weeding, watering, or replacing the sod. The area looks nice all year long. 

2. Small backyard and patio spaces are challenging to maintain because of their size. Lawnmowers may be too large for such a small space. Using artificial grass can solve that problem and still have that beautiful green look that you love. 

3. Are you the DIY creative type with landscaping? Artificial grass can be used to cover objects to make maintenance free topiaries for the yard. Traditionally, these take years to make but artificial grass can make it an afternoon project. 

4. If you are designing a new patio, why not use large artificial grass squares between concrete or brick paver walks. The artificial grass will soften the area and give it a more natural look without the maintenance real sod would need. 

5. Do you love abstract design? Artificial grass can be cut and formed into any shape. If you use large rocks in your garden, the artificial grass can be used to great shadow lines around the base of the rocks for more interest. 

6. Flower beds have more interest if they are not square or rectangular but have a more organic curve to their borders. Artificial grass can be cut to follow that curve to give a crisp, clean line following the flower bed border boundary. 

7. If you have a large item in your backyard, such as a trampoline or heavy picnic table that is awkward to move, try an artificial grass area underneath it. This area of the yard will stay green, not have to be maintained, and you will be kind to your back. 

8. Have you got a large yard and love to golf? Use artificial grass to create your own putting green. You can practice your putting at home with little or no maintenance to the green. 

9. Are your shade trees are bare underneath. Try using artificial grass to fill in where natural grass will not grow. Use pavers as a walkway to separate the different types of grasses for maintenance purposes. 

10. If you live in arid areas of high heat, you may want to replace your brown lawn with a permanent green one. Artificial grass does not have to be watered, reseeded, mowed, or weeded. Your lawn will be green all year long. 

There are many types of artificial grasses available on the market. You can check online to find which one will work for you. This may be the solution to your next landscaping challenge.

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