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Tips for Renting Audiovisual Equipment

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When you set out to organise an event or just a small party at home, there will be a step that you must deal with. Renting the audiovisual (AV) equipment for an event can be somewhat simple, due to the large number of companies offering these services on the Internet. But do not be fooled, everything that glitters is not gold.

Before renting AV equipment, you must have several things in mind; for example, will the company from which you rent it also install it? How about managing or operating it, if necessary? Unless you are an AV professional, it is likely that a sound table and even an innocent projector will be a bit complicated to handle.

This is the real advantage, or benefit, of hiring from a professional event production company, which can assemble all the AV elements you need, install them, and manage the equipment during the event, so you will only have to worry about organising the event; everything AV-related will be taken care of by them.

But before deciding on an AV hire company for renting the AV equipment you will have to follow 3 unavoidable steps, so that everything is perfect.

What to do before renting audiovisual equipment for an event?

Make a list where you specify what audiovisual equipment you will need and for how long. It is not the same to rent a large-format screen as a smaller one; hire rates also vary depending on the time of week/weekend, etc.; busy season and off-season demand, as well as whether you hire for an afternoon or evening or on a weekly basis.

Use your list as an event blueprint

In addition, this list will also serve to determine the size of the event, to know if you have all the ends tied up, or to know if you have the necessary resources to produce it. It will give you a global vision of it with which you, or others, can take the decisions necessary.

Determine what budget you are going to allocate to rent audiovisual equipment. This should be done at the beginning of organising the event. Everything related to the event should have a quantity of money assigned to it, and it’s recommended that you don’t skimp on the budget for audiovisual equipment hire, as it is one of the primordial elements for the event to be successful.

Audiovisual products, such as sound, lights, or images, produce emotions and this is what is intended with the organisation of an event, that the attendees feel and experiences emotions that make them remember again and again the moment they were at a certain event.

Research AV equipment suppliers

Enquire and study all the possibilities that exist in the case of suppliers. Depending on your needs and your budget, you can go to some suppliers or others, but what you really have to base yourself on is the years of experience they have in the world of event production and the trust they generate.

For that, you can access their website, blog and even their social networks where you can get an idea of ​​what kind of company it is and if you can count on it to provide the necessary audiovisual equipment for your event.

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