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Types of Booth Staff worth Having at Your Next Event

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There is a common misconception by most event managers that the right people to have in your tradeshow booth are outgoing salespeople who are outspoken and fun. While such are great attributes to have in your staff, there are other personality types with certain expertise who can bring a lot of value to your booth and to your attendees.

Below is a brief outline of some of the booth staff worth engaging in your next event:

The Crowd Engager/Gatherer

These are the people who are sometimes referred to as “extroverts on steroids”. They have a magnetic personality with no fear of rejection. They will comfortably walk the isle, engaging people and drawing them towards your booth. They are knowledgeable on your products and will entice as many people as possible to visit your booth.

Tech Expert

With the increase of tradeshow technology, you need competent guys who can handle technology effectively and use it to attract crowds to your booth. This is not your ordinary booth staff who will be giving out brochures and collecting contacts. Other than taking care of the tradeshow tech, they can also help with livestreaming the event on social media to keep your online followers updated on the happenings on the floor.

The Entertainer

The Entertainer won’t mind being around. They are great at running demonstrations, explaining new products and answering questions in a fun, but sound manner. They love to get attention and will occasionally offer relevant jokes, ensuring that attendees feel at ease. Some of the normal booth staff can take up this role, but any other creative person on the team can generally do this job very well.

The Staff Manager

The role of the staff manager is to ensure that all staff members are doing what they are supposed to do, and are offer guidance or subtle reminders if something is not right somewhere along the line.

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