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Useful Tips for Remote Recruiting and On-Boarding

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There are always businesses and clients looking to recruit fresh talent. However, experts at Stopgap know they are also equally nervous about doing their whole process of recruitment and onboarding remotely. Concerns with this are natural. Decisions like this are substantially important, and many leaders stress over winding up with someone who isn’t a good fit for their internal culture. Also, remote onboarding brings with it unique difficulties in helping new recruits feel truly welcome, much less maintaining high morale among an entire team. Still, anyone who can work from home is being encouraged to continue doing so for now, so this is one aspect of the COVID economy we all need to grow accustomed to – if we haven’t already.

Remote Recruiting

Without a doubt, the current circumstances of the world have seriously impeded the normal practicalities of recruiting new members to your team. However, there do remain many great candidates available for immediate acquisition.

If you want to do your recruitment remotely, then you just have to get creative while changing your usual mindset. This you can do while still keeping the basics of recruitment intact.

Know what it is you want, and this starts with writing a truly comprehensive job description.

Know that in this economy, you’re bound to get high volumes of applications. You need to plan out your whole recruitment process, and as you do, consider the various stages so you can block out enough time for interviews, team reviews, and feedback. Get your questions ready. Also, if applicable, prepare a task for your candidates to handle. Consider the context of your task, as they need to be able to easily present it via a video call.



Starting any new job can prove nerve-wracking even in normal times. However, someone looking to start new employment in the current economy can face unusually high levels of stress. If you’re serving as a talent or line manager, then you need to open up lines of communication early on so you can reassure them about your process.

One candidate who started with us recently in a new role via remote technology let us know that their new manager actually called them up for a starter welcome chat before following up with a mobile number and email information so they could reach out any time that they needed.

Helping Others Out with Technology

Where in the world would we be with all this if we didn’t have Slack, Zoom, VPNs, and laptops among all the many other technologies and applications helping everyone out right now? The time has come for those shy IT guys to really shine. Do anything you can to get your new candidate well-positioned as quickly as you can in terms of technology. That might be sending them equipment via courier, granting them access to your internal network, or just offering them a guide covering the software that they’re going to be using.

Properly Structuring the Welcome Programme

Programme structure is as crucial as ever, and for anyone starting new, having a clearly structured welcome protocol is crucial. Don’t pummel them with too much information, but ensure they have a clear structure through their first week. That includes anything from a Zoom call to introduce them to the team to witnessing a presentation about the culture of the company and an introduction to their daily tasks.

Maintaining Contact

Maintain routine contact with them. Also, ensure they are comfortable with calling you should the need arise. However, don’t go so far as to be overbearing. Demonstrate your trust in them by not constantly checking in with them. At first, have regular online video chats or phone calls with them, but decrease the frequency if you think things are proceeding well.

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