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Vanity marketing metrics that are of no use

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Marketing Vanity Metrics are not always right as they are mostly manipulated to attract active users. You see many such metrics over the internet relating to anything. These metrics are posted over the internet in order to increase the popularity of anything as well as sales of anything. There are many types of vanity metrics that need not to be considered. These metrics do increase the profit of the company or increase the awareness of the brand but the metrics are not always right. Some of the vanity metrics are mentioned below.

E-mail open rate: When a person opens e-mail over his phone or laptop that doesn’t mean that he has read the e-mail. There are huge chances that he may delete it instantly without even reading it. But e-mail open metrics will track it and the result that you are thinking of getting will surely get affected.

Social media followers: Having millions of follower on social media sites such as facebook and instagram will not affect any business. Nor it will increase the revenue of the business nor will it decrease the revenue of the business. Having the followers on twitter can do something for your business. Having few active members is way better than having thousands of inactive members on your site. It is important to measure the traffic that is coming from these social media sites. This traffic can also help you in building your business.

Page views: Page views are another form of metrics that doesn’t provide you with exact data. There are many websites which have number of hits or number of visitor column which is used to measure a no of people. There are chances that a user might open your website and doesn’t read any information. In such case the metrics will become vanity metrics.

Marketing metrics: Marketing metrics will also provide you with false metrics on various products or services.

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