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Video Conferencing Has Become a Value Part of Any Business

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Video conferencing is a visual connection between two or more people who are all in different locations. These are called many things such as Visual Meeting, Visual conference room meeting as well as several other names. When it is simple, video conferencing offers the transmission of static images and text between two locations. At its most sophisticated, it offers transmission of full-motion video images and high-quality audio in-between many locations.

Consumer services

Consumer services such as Google’s Hangouts, Apple’s FaceTime, and Microsoft’s Skype – have made video conferencing tools for desktops and mobile devices that have embedded cameras. In the world of business, desktop video conferencing is a core tool that unites communication apps and web conferencing apps with cloud-based virtual meeting room services allows almost any business to arrange instant video conferencing with little investment.


For businesses, the aids of video conferencing are too numerous especially travel costs that are lower – especially for employee training – and shortened times on project due to improved communication among members of teams or with customers. On a private level, the face-to-face linking adds non-verbal communicating and allows those contributors to develop a sense of familiarity with those individuals they may never really meet in person

Video apps

Group video chat apps such as Google Hangouts are used strictly due to it link with Google. Its video feature is really simple, and you can start a Google video conference call, using the callers email. The conference feature is also supported but creates conversations of only up to 10 users.


Having around one billion users, this is the one of the more popular video chat apps. At the start, it was only an unassuming text messaging app but following being bought by Facebook, they created more features. The voice recording was the first feature and a few months after that update, Facebook decided on adding a video feature, which made this app a great video chat app for groups.

This was developed as a video conferencing app for small businesses. provides a communication package that is rich. The app works on the voice-over-IP (VoIP) technology and it can host a video conference with 10-person.

It is important for businesses, to be able to use these features since it is cost efficient to the company.

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