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What Is Inside Your Cab?

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You probably haven’t ever seen what the inside of an HGV cab looks like unless you have actually been in one. That may not sound like an especially exciting thing to do, but inside of those metal boxes, there are many people who live a lot of their lives in there while on the open road. I wanted to give you a virtual tour so you could what the inside of an HGV cab looks like, and explain why and what is in their driver training news.

Sleeping Compartment

This is the largest thing by far that will be inside of your lorry’s cab. Since HGV drivers travel very long distances, there are legal requirements in the place where they must stop and rest at certain time intervals. That frequently includes overnight stops, and for HGV companies that could add up to very large hotel bills. HGV’s instead have a sleeping compartment inside of them for the driver to sleep in.

That is frequently why cabs have such a bulky and long appearance – since they need to be able to accommodate full-grown adults when they lying down and also standing up. The compartments aren’t very luxurious and frequently only have a bed and maybe a small refrigerator. However, they just need to be functional and not fancy.

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Driving Tools

Remember that an HGV cab’s main function is to provide the driver with accommodations while they are driving. Like everything else that an HGV includes, all of the driver tools are slightly larger than those found in standard cars. The steering column and wheel are longer and wider, so the space in between the seat and them has to be larger.

Also, the seats must have the ability to accommodate 3 people at least, and there are extra instruments on the dashboard, including a sat nav for guidance purposes and tachograph to communicate with your company and monitor your driving. An HGV also has many more controls on it, so there is a tendency for the dashboard to be taller so that the driver can easily reach everything.


Along with the cargo and basic, there are several other things that need to be taken on all HGV trips. Tools, entertainment, supplies for every type of weather (high-vs jackets, sunglasses, blankets, a shovel, etc.), essential provisions such as drinks and food, delivery notes that need to be signed etc. all need to be taken along. All of those things take up lots of space, and that is why HGV designers have learned to take advantage of the height necessary for the drivers when seated. There is a storage compartment under each seat, similar hollow bench seat, that a driver can use to store things.

There is a common expression that people often use about “living in their car.” It is especially true for the type of individual who likes being thoroughly prepared for just about everything. However, for those HGV drivers working long distances, the vehicle’s cab is literally the driver’s home away from home. There is everything contained in their cab that they need to have for a 2 to 3-day trip, including having a place to sleep and things to keep them entertained.

Portable cookware is taken along by many drivers when they are on long haul trips so they don’t have to always eat in restaurants all of the time. This means that the only time they need to leave their cab is to use the bathroom and stretch. That results in many HGV cabs looking more like a small flat, where everything fits snugly into a very small space.

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