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What It Means To Be A Good Nurse

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Remember the days when nurses wore white dresses with staunchly, pointed hats. They were identifiable because of their distinguished uniforms. These days, nurses wear medical scrubs and do many of the jobs that a doctor can. Clothing aside, what does it truly mean to be a nurse? Many people look to this career to help them obtain financial freedom, while others want to give back to humanity. Often, many find that being a nurse takes long hours, plenty of dedication, and the ability to deal with people from all walks of life.

It’s A Heart Calling

Just because a person has a nursing license and job doesn’t mean they are a good nurse. Being a superb IV starter or having lots of friends in the field doesn’t even help. You cannot measure a nurse’s worth by the letters after their name, all the certifications, professional affiliations or by their ability to climb the proverbial, clinical ladder. A good nurse simply cares for her patients above all else.

They Are Smart and Assist Doctors In Making Diagnoses

You can spot a good one from a bad one a mile away. A good nurse goes above and beyond to ensure that their patients are comfortable. It’s a look in their eyes that shows they care. They allow patients’ family member to go home to shower or get a chance of clothes. Relatives feel comfortable in doing this because they know their loved one is well taken care of. A nurse has discernment and instincts. She can find the most insignificant things about a patient that help to interpret the clinical picture. In many cases, the nurse is the one who solves the medical mystery. Some nurses have heart knowledge that will blow you away. You would think that they were the doctor. A doctor knows the nurses that they can count on to help in delicate medical matters.

They Calm Life’s Storms

A good nurse knows what to say to their patient to calm them down. They can talk to an apprehensive and scared mother when their child’s life hangs in the balance. They sit and listen to a person tell their life story because it can bring important clues necessary for treatment. They make each person feel important and valued. A doctor trusts the instincts of his nurse. They can take control of a room and send visitors on their way so that a patient can rest. You cannot embarrass them. You can be painfully honest and they won’t blink an eye.

They Go Above And Beyond The Call of Duty

They know how to convey urgency and not terror. They can make you feel safe even when someone is a breath away from passing. When things are going downhill with their patient, they can grab control of the room and ease the worries of the frantic. Nurses are heroes. They are not afraid of hard work, getting dirty, and working way beyond quitting time. When it comes to their patients, they do anything and everything they can to save, protect, and heal.

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