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What To Expect At Inpatient Alcohol Programs

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The first step on the road to alcohol addiction recovery is admission. If you or a loved one has started to consider getting help you are on the right path. For many alcohol addicts the thought of rehabilitation is one that is daunting and scary, especially if you do know what to expect from the program. Preparing yourself or your loved one for what to expect from inpatient alcohol programs before entering one can help calm the nerves and may even increase the chances of success.

Evaluation and Detox

Before committing to an inpatient rehabilitation program an alcohol addict must go through a patient evaluation. During this time medical professionals will assess the addict to determine their physical addiction. It is also common for experts to evaluate whether the patient has any mental or physical problems that should be addressed throughout the course of the rehabilitation program. After the initial evaluation the patient is given a treatment plan that caters to their needs for a better chance at recovery.

Another step patients must go through before they can officially start any inpatient alcohol programs is detox. This step typically occurs inside the facility, but is usually not part of the program. Within the first five to seven days the addict is closely monitored as they cleanse their body from alcohol. This step is best done with professionals because withdrawal symptoms vary and other may need medical attention in the middle of detoxing.

What the Actual Program Involves

When the patient has been properly assessed and they have fully detoxified their bodies from alcohol the real treatment begins. Those enrolled in an inpatient rehab are kept on a strict schedule during their entire stay. Programs that deal with alcohol addiction can range from 30, 60, 90, or more days depending on the needs of the recovering addict. Although the basic 30-day inpatient program has proven to work, the longer a patient stays in the program the higher their rate of success becomes.

A Typical Day in Rehab

Although inpatient alcohol programs differ depending on the facility there are general similarities to their schedules. Here are the most common activities found in the most basic rehab centers:

– Individual and group therapy

– Medical assessment from doctors

– 12-Step Program or other form of recovery meetings with peers

– Assigned chores

– Exercise and other physical activity

The General Rules

When you enter yourself in a rehabilitation program you are expected to follow the strict rules placed by the facility. These rules will differ from one center to another, but they are placed for the well-being of the patient. Here are examples of these rules you must abide in:

– No drugs, alcohol, or other related paraphernalia

– No violence or threats of violence

– Permission is needed to leave the property

– Drug tests are mandatory

– All therapy sessions and meetings must be attended

Complying with the rules given by the rehab facility will help in your recovery process. When you commit to getting clean you should have your mind and body ready as it will increase the chances of success.

Every treatment option has its pros and cons. Learn the ins and outs of inpatient alcohol programs and determine if it’s the right one for you or your loved one. Visit today.

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