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What to Expect with Scrap Metal Pickup

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If you’re a homeowner or business with lots of scrap metal, you know the frustration of not knowing how to get rid of these items. You can’t put metal in regular garbage or recycling, and it can be expensive to bring the items to a local dump where they charge by the pound. This is when it pays to hire a professional scrap metal pick up Minneapolis MN company. The scrap metal experts will come to your home and pick up any and all of the metal that you want to get rid of right now.

Why Choose Scrap Metal Pickup?

Scrap metal pickup can actually save you a lot of money and, in some cases, you might even make some money when hiring the right professionals. Instead of taking the metal to a dump and paying for everything per pound, you’ll have the professionals come to your home or place of business, put the items into their truck and bring it to their own facility. Scrap metal companies often grind down the metal and sell it in bulk to companies requiring it, or they might resell it for a higher price to corporations and factories. In some states, it’s also illegal for you to have large amounts of scrap metal on your property, and you can avoid a pretty hefty fine by hiring a scrap metal pickup service.

What to Expect

After hiring the company, they will send their experts to your home with a large truck. It is their responsibility to pick up the metal themselves and put it into their truck, so you won’t need to go out there to help them at all. The company will probably only take about an hour to load up all of the metal, and they may offer you cash for what they take.

Hiring the Right Experts

The right company will come out to your home quickly and get the metal off your hands without worry. Reading reviews online can give your insight into what a company is like from other customer experiences. However, it’s just as important for you to contact the company to find out what they charge, what they pay and the soonest they can come out to your home or business. You want the company to be able to get out there quickly, especially if you’re facing fines if the junk isn’t removed in a timely manner.

For Free or For Payment?

Scrap companies are different in that some of them pay for the metal, others charge for pickup and some do it for free. Ideally, you’ll want to avoid scrap metal companies that charge for the service, especially considering that they will probably be making a profit off of the metal they’re taking from you. The amount that a company will pay you for the metal is dependent on the type of metal they’re taking, like aluminum or copper, and the amount of it that’s being put onto the truck. Most companies will only give a few cents per pound of scrap metal.

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