What You Need to Know About Insurance Disputes    

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The Australian law states that insurers are mandated to place two well-defined complaints when dealing with an insurance dispute. One from the insurance company and the other from an independent party. This way, a fair and straightforward resolution can be achieved. When it comes to negligence claims and the like, how do you know you’re onto the right path? As a citizen of Australia and perhaps, somebody who has not been in such situation, how are you to proceed with an insurance dispute? This article tackles the main concerns that people have about claims as well as internal and external disputes. Read on to learn more about them.



Compensation claims and car accident insurance claims can be a headache, especially if your claim is rejected and you’re not happy with what you received. Sometimes this happens because your policy may not cover the particular loss you’re claiming on. There are cases when the insurer will only partially pay the portion of your claim. Some reasons why claims might get denied include failing to maintain your property or asset, policy exclusions, not meeting the conditions that are set in your policy, not keeping up with premium payments (cancellation issues), and others.


While the process of claiming can be taxing and tedious, don’t just let it go. You have to know your rights and use them well. Keep in mind that every insurance company has to provide you with internal dispute resolution information. This will help you lodge a complaint when situations, such as the need to file for personal injury compensation arises. Normally the insurer’s website would contain the resolution process. But just in case, be sure to get hold of this information. Moreover, an internal dispute resolution process can help you address any concerns you have with the insurance company, the assessor, the agent, the adjuster, and the other parties.


The external dispute resolution process lets you go through another independent channel to assess your situation. For instance, you need assistance with a disability insurance claim, an independent and impartial party can assess your dispute. People who have policies for travel, home, vehicle, and other forms of general insurance can go through an approved external dispute resolution procedure. As a consumer, you have a right to file a complaint regarding your insurer’s services. However, you need to make sure you understand your policies in order to avoid any form of misunderstanding. Clarify the issue and know what type of outcome you wish to achieve. This way, the claims process can go fairly.

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