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Why Buy An Established Business in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)?

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) offers investors in all business sectors thriving businesses for sale. With a strong, steady and vibrant economy that is based on oil, entertainment, construction, commerce, technology, and culture, Dubai is a paradise for the investor. The seven emirates of Fujairah, Dubai, Sharjah, Umm al-Qaiwain, Ras al-Khaimah, Ajman and Abu Dhabi offer entrepreneurs endless opportunities.

If you have been looking to do business in UAE but are stuck between starting from scratch and acquiring an established business for sale in UAE, then you are reading the right post. I will explain why it is better to go for the latter.So, refill your cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy reading.

Why Purchase a Running Business?

An entrepreneur who chooses to buy a running business for sale in UAE instead of building one from scratch makes a wise decision due to the numerous benefits they stand to enjoy. This includes established cash flow, customer base, staff, reputation, and market. You can check business for sale in UAE on site

This approach presents abusiness buyer with lower risks, as they inherit a tested system thatmakesprofits. It saves them from having to lay down predictions and try different business approaches, in an attempt to find the best way to run their business.

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However, purchasing a running business has some disadvantage, one being that an entrepreneur spends more than they would have by starting a new business from scratch. Secondly, the business seller might hide some critical but negative information about the business. This is especially if they think such disclosure might discourage the buyer from buying.

Still, it might be a great choice because securing funds for buying an operational business for sale in UAE is easier than convincing a financier to support your business from scratch. Financial institutions are more comfortable with the initial, as it helps save time before a business reaches its break-even point.

Why Do Business in UAE?

Today, the government of UAE is earnestly seeking to diversify the economy, which is heavily dependent on oil. Some of the sectors offering businesses for sale include education, healthcare, logistics, catering, and research. In the next couple of years, or decades, we expect a lot of money in the direction of these sectors. Those who put their money here will stand to reap bountiful gains.

Evidently, the economy of UAE is quite shifty, and starting a new business in one of these sectors might be quite risky. Therefore, the only sure move would be looking for an establishedbusiness for sale in UAE. Such businesses are in plenty, as investors keep crossing from one sector to another, according to seasons, new interests, and advancements.

UAE’s Promising Sectors – Buy Businesses Here

Below is an outline of sectors in which you can easily find business for sale in UAE:

1.      Education

The population of UAE is growing steadily, and authorities are currently striving to ensure that citizens have access to quality and affordable education services. Grant Thorton, an advisory firm, reports that focus on sectors that aim at social development, such as education, has helped UAE sustain her economy.

An increasing expatriates’ majority has brought an increased demand for private international academic institutions, despite being very expensive. Some of the best facilities of this nature include Jumeira Baccalaureate School, Uptown School and Delhi Private School.

2.      Food and Beverage

Food and beverage is a high-return sector in UAE because it is a major worldwide tourist destination. Population size and diversity growth and rapid urbanization are also factors that contribute to the high demand for a wide range of foods and drinks. According to KPMG approximations, an additional 1, 600 food and beverage retail points will take root in UAE, by 2019. Finding and acquiring a business for sale in UAEin this sector is highly recommendable.

3.      Healthcare

According to a PWC recent survey, many investors are currently trying to penetrate UAE’s health sector, in order to take advantage of the government’s social agenda. Most of them have their focus on the digital landscape, where they can establish new medicine supply chains, and come up with new medical products and services.

Projections indicate massive sector expansion in the next couple of years, giving investors and businesses great returns. Therefore, acquiring a current health business for sale in UAE would be a great jump start, which would help an investor take a good position for tapping the near future prospects.

4.      Logistics

Logistics is one of the most stable and sound business opportunities in UAE, with Dubai standing tall as a major destination for shoppers and world traders. The city is a major re-export hub for foods and textile to Africa and other parts of Middle East.

With the diversification and Expo 2020 agendas, the region is striving to ensure a seamless and effortless cargo handling environment. Better infrastructure and legislation are underway, meant to foster logistics businesses and boost local and global commercial activities.


Acquiring a businessfor sale in UAEis a wise decision, as it will help you save time, hit the ground running and enjoy readily available financing services. Although it might cost you a little bit more than usual, the benefits are worth it.


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