Why is Online Reputation Expertise Necessary for Your Career?  

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Online reputation expert Herman Tumurcuoglu, has witnessed many cases of  poor online reputation management. In many cases, individuals were ignorant about their actions and did not realize that maybe someone was out to get them. Most people do not think to look up their name in Google anyways. Others are fighting lawsuits and businesses have negative reviews about them online. There are many reasons why one may have a poor online reputation. However, how can it affect your life? For starters, employers may not consider you for a job position. In others, you might even lose your job. For example, 2017 Survivor contestant Jeff Varner was laid off because of a question he asked on public television without thinking. The contestant was shamed and within two weeks of the episode airing, the contestant lost his job and respect by the majority of North America. From a corporate perspective, it is very possible that bad online reviews start to cause businesses to lose clients and potential clients. Soon enough income declines and before you know it, you are having to shut down.

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Online reputation expertise are necessary from the beginning of someone’s career. These days as kids are granted technology from a young age, their online reputation starts from when they are handed the technology. That is why it is important for anyone who has access to technology to understand the effects of their actions on and off line. Both can result in a poor online reputation. Furthermore, it is important to monitor your online reputation. You can become your own online reputation expert. By frequently looking up you name and brand, you can actively participate in a healthy online reputation for yourself. More importantly, you can rid yourself of burden or stress that many other people are suffering from because they have a poor online reputation. Contact the online reputation expert using the link provided above if you are having online reputation problems.

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