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Why is Password Security so Important?

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Most people have tons of passwords these days – it can be hard to keep track of them. The reality is, making sure your passwords are secure is hugely important. Losing access to an important password could be a disaster. We’re going to look at how to keep your passwords secure, along with why doing so is of such importance.

What can thieves do with stolen passwords?

They’ll obviously be able to access any of your accounts that they got the password for. This could mean stealing your money, or even your identity. Once they’ve gained access to even more important information about you, they could use it to access even more important data. A lot of identity fraud is started through a password theft – so it’s important you keep yours secure.

How can you keep your passwords secure?

The first step is to use different passwords for different sites. This should be an obvious step, but you’d be surprised how many people use the same password for everything. Varying your passwords is important because if one site gets hacked, you won’t lose access to any other sites or accounts if you didn’t use the same password.

Some sites will even be set up as in order to “phish” your passwords for other, more important, sites. If you’re unsure of how legit a site is, don’t use any of your main passwords. It could be good to use a number of “spam” passwords for unimportant sites so that you use more secure ones for important accounts.

You should also change your passwords reasonably often, to keep them secure. While changing and varying passwords could mean you’ve got too many different ones to remember, it’s crucial you don’t write them down or store them in a file on your computer. Obviously, if someone breaks into your home or hacks your computer, finding a document or file with all your passwords on is like hitting the jackpot. Try and follow a pattern that only you know in order to remember a wide range of passwords.

Password theft is on the rise as people move more of their lives online. Losing a password could mean you lose access to important social media accounts and could lead to identity theft or other frauds.

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