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Why Should You Have An Aadhaar Card?

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Are you constantly hearing your friends worried about annual tax filing? But you can avoid this stress by using Aadhaar card to verify your return and provide your UIN number. It is just one of the major benefits of Aadhaar card. There is more to it to make your life easier –

Income Tax – One of the best parts of Aadhar is to verify your income tax returns filed through some of the easy steps. You can easily cut down on your documentation requirements. It is very efficient and cost-efficient mode.

  • Simply log on to e-filing website of I-T department with PAN number. Link your Aadhaar number and upload your ITR forms.
  • Generate OTP and provide the code in your mobile number to verify your return.
  • You can also verify returns on back date. Choose Aadhaar OTP verification.

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Remove the Passport stress – Now you can get a new passport within just 10 days. Simply attach a copy of your Aadhar card to apply for passport. It will serve as a proof of address and identity. You will get appointment after 3 days. You will get your passport processed and dispatched within a week from the Passport Office.

Open Bank Accounts easily – You don’t have to collect several identity proofs or get around for paperwork. Aadhar Card is the only proof of your address and identity.

Get Pension on Time – For senior citizens, one of the best parts of Aadhar cards is that it can provide timely pension. Paperwork is not that easy for older people and it is time consuming. Pensioners should register their Aadhaar number to ensure timely pension.

Digital Life Certificate – There is another reason for pensioners. Aadhar card number is also used to access Digital Life Certificate. You can keep getting the pension without going to the bank and furnishing life certificate. You can save on your physical legwork.

For aadhar status and other help visit:, its sharing aadhar DIY information.

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